The Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) planned to see first light in 2020 will be the most advanced Optical – NIR observatory in the world. The TMT with its large collecting area along with advanced back end instruments will be used to probe deep into the universe to investigate a wide range of problems in astronomy and astrophysics. A three day TMT Science and Instrumentation workshop will be held at IUCAA, Pune, during 2012 December 10-12. This Workshop will bring together astronomers and instrument specialists from the TMT consortium.

The Workshop will explore the potential of the TMT in areas of polarimetry, time resolved science and astrometry. In addition to exploring the key scientific areas, the requirements on the telescope and instruments to meet the science goals will be discussed. The TMT will be equipped with three powerful instruments that will be available at, or soon after, first light. This workshop will provide a forum to discuss the suitability of the use of these instruments for the new science areas, within the framework of the current design. However, additional capabilities may be needed that can be addressed by the second generation of instruments during the first decade of telescope operations.

                            Participation in the workshop is by invitation only.