Mechanical Design - Instrument Rotating Table (IRT)

Instrument Rotating Table (IRT)

The purpose of providing Instrument Rotating Table (IRT) is to counter-rotate the table to compensate for the focal plane image rotation caused by the alt-azimuth telescope mount movement. This IRT table will have servo controlled optical benches fixed on to its floor. Optical instruments are assembled on these optical benches which are aligned with respect to the focused beam coming after mirror M7.

  • IRT system will have stiff structure to support instruments tables and a false floor with suitable vibration isolation for personnel working around the instruments.
  • Base structure of IRT is constructed from large structural members (wide flange and box beams).
  • The instruments loads are carried on re-locatable instrument support beam underneath the false floor.
  • The bearing system proposed for IRT rotation is R-Guide type.

Figure 3 Location of IRT inside the building