Mechanical Design - Telescope Building

Telescope Building

The conceptual Telescope Building includes:

  • Interface for supporting the telescope system.
  • Interface for the dome support and guide ways for sliding down the dome.
  • Pier for 10m dia Instrument Rotator Table (IRT) that is isolated from other parts of the Building.
  • The lift having vibration isolation from the building to avoid vibration transfer to the telescope and its instruments during operation. This lift and stair case shall provide access to all the floors from Ground Floor to top floor (Observation floor).
  • Rooms for laboratories, storage, workshop, Control System etc.
  • The observation floor which will have a Jib crane system for lifting and moving the telescope structure as well as any other equipments like M1 Mirror Handling & removal fixture between observation floor and the ground floor.
  • EOT crane in ground floor for loading/unloading of equipments.
  • A sliding and swinging crane to handle and move the optical table and other heavy accessories, in and out of IRT table

Figure 4 NLST Building -Retractable Dome