The Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT), planned to see first light in 2023, will be among the most advanced Optical – NIR observatory in the world. The TMT with its large collecting area along with advanced back end instruments will be used to probe deep into the universe to investigate a wide range of problems in astronomy and astrophysics. India is involved in several activities related to the TMT project since 2007 and is well on the track to participate in this project at the level of 10% with due approval of the Govt. of India. As a part of ongoing activities by India-TMT, it is proposed to host a meeting at ARIES, Nainital (, during 05-06 November 2014, to update the present status of the project and discuss the scientific challenges and capabilities of TMT. The primary aim of this meeting is to make the project familiar to Indian scientists and solicit their participation in this mega project.

                            Participation in the workshop is by invitation only.

Similar workshops/meetings will be held periodically at various geographical locations in India. Scientists or engineers interested in contributing to the TMT project and/or attending these meetings, please write to