Fornax Computing Server

Fornax server is for memory intensive simulations.


  • CPU: dual Opteron 6220, 8 cores per processor, 3.0 GHz clock speed (upto 3.3 GHz turbo speed on all cores, 3.6GHz max turbo freq.), 3.2GHz bus speed, 6.4GT/s, 51.2 GB/s memory bandwidth.
  • Memory: 128 GB (16 x 8GB) 1333 MHz DDR3
  • Storage: 2 x 900 GB 10k RPM SAS hot-plug hard disks in RAID-1. 900GB of total disk space.
  • Operating System: Centos 6



  • C/C++ : gcc/g++ 4.4, intel Composer XE 2011.5.220, open64 4.5.1 compiler suite (including ACML)
  • Fortran 77/90/95+ : gfortran 4.4, Intel Composer XE 2011.5.220 (includes fortran compiler and Math Kernel Library), open64 4.5.1 compiler suite (including ACML)
  • Python: v2.6
  • Perl: v5.10, with multi-thread support
  • Java: v 1.6.0 OpenJDK Runtime Environment and 64-Bit Server VM


Available Software

  • IDL 8.0:
  • GDL: An IDL clone, free, and full syntax compatibility with IDL up to version 7.1
  • Octave: A matlab clone
  • R: a free software environment for statistical computing and graphics.


Usage Policies

Getting Access: Fornax Computing Server is available to all members (staff and students) of Indian Institute of Astrophysics for memory intensive computational jobs. Please fill out the form (link below) to obtain an account on fornax.

Access Request Form (IIA local link)

Users have the responsibility to protect their accounts from unauthorized access, and for the proper expenditure of allocated resources. Please contact support AT to log any tickets or requests to install/upgrade software.

Disk Usage Guidelines

Home: Individual users will have a disk quota of 50 GB in the home area, which will be backed up daily.

Additional Storage: Extra disk space, if required, will be provided after approval from the Computer Facilities & Management Committee. Data backup will not be available for this extra disk space.

Last updated on: September 30, 2019