Field Station Libraries

The library collection is distributed among the headquarters in Bangalore, the centre at Hosakote, and field stations in Kodaikanal, Kavalur and Hanle.

The library at Kodaikanal is situated in a separate building. It has a lecture hall and a stack room. The lecture hall has shelves reaching the roof, and the major collection of older observatory publications and journals are stacked here. The library has books on solar physics and geophysics, since much of the observational work in solar physics continues to be done here. Because of the conducive weather many of the old volumes are maintained here and naturally preserved as in an archive. Electronic access to current volumes of few astronomical journals is enabled within the observatory.


The library at Kavalur is located in Vainu Bappu Telescope building. The Library is easily accessible to all the observers. It has a small collection of books in Astronomy, Astrophysics and a few books in Physics and Mathematics. Second copies of all the important star catalogues and atlases, including Palomar Sky Survey charts are available in this library. Some of the important astronomical journals are also available for use. The electronic access to some of these titles is enabled within the campus at Vainu Bappu Observatory.


The library at Hosakote is housed in the 2nd floor, above the M.G.K. Menon Laboratory for Space Sciences. At present it has 450 books and 15 serials in print form. Additionally the library has the multisite online access to 98 journals and databases which is subscribed by main library at Bangalore. The online database of books and journals available in Bangalore and other field stations can be accessed through LIBSYS software from the library computer. The library has some of the back volumes of serials in astronomy and astrophysics. It also houses the Palomar sky survey charts and ESO charts.

Last updated on: November 20, 2020