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  • The autoguider (AUGUS) developed at the Copenhagen University Observatory was installed in May 2005. A problem in the autoguider CCD was noticed during the post-installation tests, which was rectified and the unit was installed and commissioned in September 2005 (report). The AUGUS has been performing well, reaching 17 mag star in 4 second integration.

    AUGUS uses the HCT Observatory Server interface to close the guiding loop. Hence it does not work with the Keystone Telescope Control Software (TCS) and requires the Graphical User Interface (GUI) developed as a client to the Observatory Server. This GUI was found to be not pointing and tracking well during the AUGUS installation, though AUGUS could correct for the tracking error well.

    The Observatory Server GUI was tested further in October 2005 and a change of sign in one of the lookup tables improved the performance considerably. It thus makes it easier to centre the object on the HFOSC slit. AUGUS can thus be used for long integrations.

    We strongly encourage observers to use the autoguider and report on its performance.