Image Credits

Header Images :

  • The image of B M Birla Planetarium, Jaipur (Pic courtesy :Birla Planetarium)
  • The solar tunnel telescope from Kodaikanal (Pic courtesy : IIAP Archives)
  • Multiwavelength collage of sun obtained Kodaikanal solar observatory (Pic courtesy : Subhamoy Chatterjee, IIAP)
  • Butterfly diagram of sunspot obtained from Kodaikanal (Pic courtesy :
    Sudip Mandal, IIAP)
  • Front view of Kodaikanal observatory (Pic Courtesy : IIAP Archives)
  • Hawa Mahal , Jaipur (Pic Courtesy : Jaipur Tourism Department)
  • Jal Mahal, Jaipur (Pic Courtesy : Jaipur Tourism Department)

Poster Image :

    The poster image consists of different layers of the sun images with
    stellar and Birla planetarium as background.

    • The solar Dynamo flows visualization which illustrate the fluid flows
      in the Sun which drive the solar magnetic dynamo (Pic Credit : SDO gallery)
    • The sunspot image of December 6, 2006 obtained from Hinode's Solar
      Optical Telescope (Pic Credit : JAXA/NASA/Hinode)
    • Spectroheliogram of the Sun in the Hα line, on the 27th of January
      1999 (Pic Credit :Observatoire de Paris)
    • Figure shows the CME eruption and its impact on our Earth (Pic Credit : NASA)