Scientific sessions

  1. Velocity fields in the convective zone:

    1a. Available data for the helioseismology and inversion methods
    1b. Properties of convection in the convective zone
    1c. Properties of large-scale field (Meridional flow, Zonal flow, and Motions around the active regions)

  2. Solar and stellar cycles - magnetic activity and sunspot number:

    2a. Magnetic field measurements and magnetograms
    2b. Sunspot number datasets: status, divergences, and unification
    2c. Variations of the indices with the solar cycle: physical relations

  3. Indices of solar cycle from photosphere to the heliosphere :

    3a. Available databases and digitized archives
    3b. Calibrationamong different series
    3c. Automated methods to identify the features
    3d. Variations of the indices with the solar cycle: physical relations

  4. Total Solar Irradiance (TSI) and Spectral Solar Irradiance (SSI):

    4a. Calibration and cross-calibration of the observed TSI
    4b. UV variations over the solar cycle: observations and calibration
    4c. TSI and SSI variations with solar magnetic cycle: reconstruction and physics

  5. Solar-stellar connection :

    5a. Datasets and achievements of ground-based monitoring of solar-type stars
    5b. Datasets and achievements of solar-type stars with space missions
    5c. Measurements of stellar magnetic field and proxies of stellar magnetic activities

  6. Solar behavior over centuries :

    6a. Cosmogenic methods for solar activity reconstruction
    6b. Long-term solar variability
    6c. Extreme solar events

  7. Solar/stellar dynamo :

    7a. Dynamo processes constrained by the observations
    7b. State-of-art of kinematic modeling solar cycle
    7c. State-of-art of MHD modeling solar cycle

  8. Predictions and predictability of solar cycle :

    8a. Prediction methods and strength of the cycle 25
    8b. Predictability of solar cycle
    8c. Data assimilation for prediction