Splinter Meetings

Splinter Meetings before and after IAUS340

Meeting 1 on 18th Feb 2018: Solar-Stellar Magnetism: Past, Present and Future

Link: http://www.cessi.in/ssm/

Meeting 2 on 24th February from 12:00 to 18:00 hrs

Recently a splinter meeting was held successfully in Göttingen, Germany on coordination of synoptic observations of the Sun (http://science-media.org/conferencePage.php?v=26). This first meeting was a starting point for discussions within the international solar community about the future of solar synoptic ground-based observations (including their role in supporting space missions) and developing closer international collaborations in this important area. To follow up with these discussions and reach our colleagues from other countries that could not participate in this previous meeting, we plan organizing a one-day session in conjunction with the IAU Symposium 340.

Interested participants can email at apevtsov@noao.edu, mroth@leibniz-kis.de, frederic.clette@oma.be