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1 A M Aslam IAUS340_160 SORT, People's University-Bhopal, MP, India Nature of Response of Geomagnetic Field to Soalr Cycle at Different Latitudes
2 Abramenko Valentina IAUS340_85 Crimean Astrophysical Observatory Turbulent diffusion in the photosphere as observational constraint on dynamo theories
3 Adhikari Binod IAUS340_71 St. Xavier's College Analysis of Sunspots Number during Solar Cycle 21 and 22
4 Agrawal Manan IAUS340_416 Lancers Army School, Surat
5 Amareswari K IAUS340_211 ISRO Satellite Centre, Bengaluru Connection between Active region complexity and Solar Flare strength
6 Amazo-Gomez Eliana M. IAUS340_75 Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research A novel method to obtain stellar rotational periods
8 Amrita Prasad IAUS340_386 Jadavpur University,Kolkata Short Memory and Fractal behavior of The Solar radio flux at 10.7 cm wavelength (2800 MHz) obtained from Ottawa and Penticton, British Columbia, Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory during the per
9 Anshu Kumari IAUS340_116 Indian Institute of Astrophysics New Evidence for Coronal Mass Ejection Driven High Frequency Type II Burst Near the Sun
11 Aroori Mahender IAUS340_63 Osmania University Microwave studies of Quiet Sun Radiation during Solar Minimum and Maximum Phase of Solar Cycle 23 and 24
12 Atulkar Roshni IAUS340_147 National Institute of Technical Teachers’ Training and Research, Bhopal – 462002, MP, India. Evaluation of long term solar activity effects on critical frequency of F layer
13 B Lekshmi IAUS340_138 CESSI, IISER Kolkata Study on Hemispherical Asymmetry of Torsional Oscillation
14 B Ravindra IAUS340_291 Indian Institute of Astrophysics Study of long term variations in hemispheric asymmetry of solar activity
15 Baklanova Dilyara IAUS340_184 Crimean Astrophysical Observatory Long-term stellar magnetic field study at the Crimean Astrophysical Observatory
16 Banerjee Dipankar IAUS340_35 Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Bangalore Century-long, multi-wavelength Solar Database From Kodaikanal Solar Observatory
17 Basak Arnab IAUS340_149 Center of Excellence in Space Sciences India, Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Kolkata Study of starspots in fully convective stars using three dimensional MHD simulations
18 Basu Sarbani IAUS340_192 Yale University Solar Large-scale flows and their variations
19 BATTULA PREM KUMAR IAUS340_52 OSMANIA UNIVERSITY Variations of the meteor count rate and echo height during solar cycle 23 and24
20 Bekki Yuto IAUS340_261 The University of Tokyo Deep convective amplitude and stratification in an effectively high-Prandtl number thermal convection
21 Bhargawa Asheesh IAUS340_83 Department of Physics, University of Lucknow Forecasting Solar Activity Parameters for 25th Solar Cycle using Rescaled Range Analysis
22 bhatt miral IAUS340_221 Research scholar A study of Stealth CMEs and associated ICMEs
23 BHATT NIPA J IAUS340_45 C U SHAH SCIENCE COLLEGE, ASHRAM ROAD, AHMEDABAD-380014, GUJARAT, INDIA Reassessing the Predictions of Sunspot Cycle 24
24 Bhattacharya Jishnu IAUS340_170 Tata Institute of Fundamental Research Iterative inversion of synthetic travel times successful at recovering sub-surface profiles of supergranular flows
25 Bhowmik Prantika IAUS340_115 Center of Excellence in Space Sciences India, IISER Kolkata Predicting Solar Cycle 25 Using a Coupled Surface Flux Transport and Dynamo Model
26 BIGOT Lionel IAUS340_229 Observatoire de la Côte d'Azur On the Sun's oscillations during its magnetic cycle
27 Birch Aaron IAUS340_324 Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research Data and Methods for Helioseismology
28 Boening Vincent IAUS340_387 Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research Inversions for the Deep Solar Meridional Flow and the associated Error Analysis
29 Bogart Richard IAUS340_145 Stanford University MDI + HMI: 22 Years of Full-Disc Imagery from Space
30 Bose Souvik IAUS340_185 Indian Institute of Astrophysics Role of the active regions and background field towards the solar mean magnetic field
31 Brajesh Kumar IAUS340_235 Udaipur Solar Observatory / Physical Research Laboratory Study of solar cycle induced variations in the solar mean velocity flows : GONG observations
32 Brun Sacha IAUS340_40 AIM/Dept. of Astrophysics Solar Predict: a novel 4-D Var method for predicting the 11-yr solar cycle
33 Bzowski Maciej IAUS340_171 Space Research Centre PAS (CBK PAN) Solar activity affecting the heliosphere and heliospheric particle populations
34 Cameron Robert IAUS340_271 Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research Small-scale flows and the solar dynamo
35 Chakraborty Akash IAUS340_456 Springer India Pvt. Ltd.
36 Chandra Ramesh IAUS340_154 Kumaun University, Nainital EUV Wave Event: Deflection and Stationary Fronts
37 Chatterjee Subhamoy IAUS340_193 Indian Institute of Astrophysics Generation of Carrington maps and automated feature detection from Ca II K spectroheliograms of Kodaikanal Solar Observatory
38 Chatzistergos Theodosios IAUS340_34 Max-Planck-Institut für sonnensystemforschung Ca II K spectroheliograms for studies of long-term changes in solar irradiance
39 Cherkos Alemayehu Mengesha IAUS340_82 Addis Ababa University, Institute of Geophysics Space Science and Astronomy Effect of viscosity on propagation of MHD waves in astrophysical plasma
40 Chian Abraham C.-L. IAUS340_130 National Institute for Space Research (INPE), Brazil Kinematic and magnetic coherent structures in turbulent solar dynamo
41 Choithani Veena Manohar IAUS340_53 Kadi Sarva Vishwavidyalaya (KSV University) Study of solar flares associated with CMEs affecting the geosphere
42 Choudhary Debi Prasad IAUS340_26 California State University Northridge Synoptic Solar Chromosphere and Photosphere Observations at San Fernando Observatory for a Complete Magnetic Cycle
43 Choudhuri Arnab Rai IAUS340_112 Indian Institute of Science The Sun’s polar magnetic field: datasets, proxies and theoretical issues
44 CHOWDHURY PARTHA IAUS340_44 University of Calcutta Midrange periodicity of basal component of Ca K plage index
46 Clette Frédéric IAUS340_177 Royal Observatory of Belgium The new Sunspot Number: continuing upgrades and possible impacts
47 Damé Luc IAUS340_223 LATMOS/IPSL/CNRS/UVSQ SOLAR/SOLSPEC: new solar reference spectrum 165-3000 nm and 9 years observations of solar spectral ultraviolet irradiance from the ISS
48 Das Srijan Bharati IAUS340_182 5th Year, BS-MS, IISER-Kolkata The Evolution of Activity of Solar-Like Stars with Age.
49 DAS VIPIN V IAUS340_255 DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICS, UNIVERSITY COLLEGE,THIRUVANANTHPURAM-695034,T A study on the variations in long-range dependence of solar energetic particles during different solar cycles
50 Dash Soumyaranjan IAUS340_97 Center of Excellence in Space Sciences India Modeling of Solar Corona: A Magnetofrictional Approach
51 Dave Kunjal IAUS340_57 C.U.Shah university, Surendranagar Study of Interplanetary and Geomagnetic Response of Filament Associated CMEs
52 Deo Amar Chandra IAUS340_153 Center of Excellence in Space Sciences India (CESSI) Development of a High Resolution Imaging Spectrometer for exploring the Sun's corona
53 Dhuri Dattaraj IAUS340_205 Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai Prediction of solar flares from photospheric magnetic field using machine learning
54 Dikpati Mausumi IAUS340_266 NCAR/High Altitude Observatory Forecasting phase-by-phase progression of a solar cycle using data assimilation and machine learning
55 Doyle Gerry IAUS340_172 Armagh Observatory & Planetarium
57 Eduardo Marielle R. IAUS340_143 University of the Philippines - Baguio Correlation of the New Sunspot Number and Geomagnetic aa Index in the Years 1900-2013
58 Ermolli Ilaria IAUS340_290 INAF Osservatorio Astronomico di Roma Historical and modern full disk Ca II K observations: a resource for long-term studies of solar activity and variability
60 Faurobert Marianne IAUS340_98 University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis Variation of the photospheric temperature gradient with magnetic activity
61 Fleck Bernhard IAUS340_215 ESA Long-term data sets from SOHO
63 G. L. Jayalekshmi IAUS340_254 University of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram Prediction of upcoming grand episodes of solar activity
64 Gao Qing IAUS340_297 National Astronomical Observatories, Chinese Academy of Sciences A study of Be star activity in Kepler field of view
65 Giono Gabriel IAUS340_139 KTH-Royal Institute of Technology SOLARSEG: Correlation and periodicity of the EUV irradiance obtained from the daily segmentation of EUV images over a 7-years period.
66 Gogoi Jinee IAUS340_245 Student, Dibrugarh University, India. A study of effects of Geomagnetic Storms on Ionosphere and their relationship with Sub storms during solar cycle 23.
67 Gopinath Sumesh IAUS340_260 Research student, Department of Physics, University College, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India Prediction of future evolution of solar cycle 24 using machine learning techniques
68 GOSAIN SANJAY IAUS340_101 National Solar Observatory, Boulder, Colorado, USA Synoptic Magnetic Fields Measurements of the Solar Chromosphere: Properties during Cycle 23 and 24
69 Guglielmino Salvatore Luigi IAUS340_119 Università degli Studi di Catania Long-term optical monitoring of the solar atmosphere in Italy
70 guhathakurta madhulika IAUS340_463 NASA
71 Gupta S. P IAUS340_451 PHYSICAL RESEARCH LABORATORY Navrangpura, Ahmedabad - 380 009, India
72 Gurumath Shashanka R IAUS340_188 Mr Influence of planets on the magnetic activity of sun like stars
73 Han He IAUS340_201 National Astronomical Observatories, Chinese Academy of Sciences Phase difference between long-term magnetic feature activity and flare activity of solar-type stars
74 Hanasoge Shravan IAUS340_316 Tata Institute of Fundamental Research New constraints on interior convection from measurements of normal-mode coupling
75 Hao Qi IAUS340_88 School of Astronomy and Space Science, Nanjing University Automated Detection Methods for Solar Activities and an Application for Statistic Analysis of Solar Filament
76 Hariharan Krishnan IAUS340_51 NCRA-TIFR Study of Solar Eruptive Phenomena using archived Radio Observational Dataset
77 Hasan Siraj S IAUS340_476 Formerly IIAP
78 Hazra Gopal IAUS340_114 Indian Institute of Science A theoretical model of the variation of the meridional circulation with the solar cycle
79 Hegde Manjunath IAUS340_18 IIAP Long term study of the solar filaments from the Synoptic Maps as derived from H Spectroheliograms of Kodaikanal Observatory
80 Hemamalini G E IAUS340_73 Electronics&Communication Dept, Vemana Institute of Technology
81 Hiremath K M IAUS340_122 Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Bengaluru, India A possible solution for the Faint Young sun paradox
82 Hoeksema J Todd IAUS340_253 Stanford University Long-term Measurement of the Solar Magnetic Field
83 huiqin yang IAUS340_296 National Astronomical Observatories of China The flaring activity of M dwarfs
84 Isik Emre IAUS340_285 Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research Sunspot group tilt angles from drawings for cycles 19-24
85 Ismaiel Mohamed IAUS340_208 Helwan University Case study on complex Forbush decrease caused by interacting and non-interacting passing CME
86 J. Javaraiah IAUS340_276 Formerly in Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Bengaluru-560034 Long term variation in meridional motion of sunspot groups : comparison of DPD and SOON data
87 JAIN KIRAN IAUS340_58 National Solar Observatory 22 Year Solar Magnetic Cycle and its relation to Convection Zone Dynamics
88 Jha Bibhuti Kumar IAUS340_167 Indian Institute of Astrophysics Long-term variation of sunspot penumbra to umbra ratio: A study using Kodaikanal white-light digitized data
89 Jiang Jie IAUS340_129 School of Space and Environment, Beihang University State-of-art of kinematic modeling solar cycle
90 Joshi Anand IAUS340_267 NAOJ Statistical Study of Eruptive and Disappearing Filaments
91 Joshi Chandan IAUS340_395 JECRC University Jaipur Search for Correlation between Solar Flare Count and Mean Solar Magnetic Field
92 JOSHI REETIKA IAUS340_104 KUMAUN UNIVERSITY NAINITAL Multiple Hot and Cool Jets on 2017 April 04
93 Julian David Alvarado Gomez IAUS340_206 Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics The magnetic cycle and planetary environment of the young Sun 𝜄 Horologii
95 K Sasikumar Raja IAUS340_125 IISER Pune Solar cycle dependence of the density fluctuations and proton heating rate in the solar wind
96 Kaiming Cui IAUS340_295 NAOC Long-term rotational main-sequence variables in Kepler SAP light curve
97 Karak Bidya Binay IAUS340_86 High Altitude Observatory Long term Variability of Solar Cycle in the Babcock-Leighton dynamo framework
98 Karmakar Subhajeet IAUS340_61 Aryabhatta Research Institute of Observational Sciences (ARIES) Active ultra-fast rotators KIC 6791060 and LO Pegasi: Starspot modulation, surface differential rotation, and flares
99 Kaushik Sonia IAUS340_288 School of Studies in Physics, Jiwaji University, Vidya Vihar, Gwalior, India Solar Wind Plasma Flows and Space Weather Aspects during recent solar cycles
100 Kaushik Subhash Chandra IAUS340_287 Government PG College, Datia, 475661, India Long term Variations of the Solar Plasma Events and Their Interplanetary Consequences
101 Käpylä Maarit IAUS340_327 Max-Planck-Institute for Solar System Science State-of-art of MHD modeling solar cycle
102 Kembhavi Ajit K IAUS340_474 IUCAA
103 Khan Parvaiz Ahmad IAUS340_183 Department of Physics, Islamic University of Science and Technology, Awantipora, Pulwama, J & K-192122 Study of positional Error on the GPS signals due to ionospheric variations
104 Kilcik Ali IAUS340_103 Akdeniz University, Antalya-Turkey Zurich Sunspot Groups, Flaring Activity and their Temporal Variations.
105 Kim Bogyeong IAUS340_120 Chungnam National University Cycle length dependence of stellar magnetic activity and solar cycle 23
106 Kopp Greg IAUS340_213 Univ. of Colorado / LASP The Long-Term TSI Data Record
107 Krivova Natalie IAUS340_228 Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research TSI and SSI variations with solar magnetic cycle: reconstruction and physics
108 Kseniya IAUS340_158 Central observatory of RAS Reconstruction of solar activity according to the data of centenary observations
109 Kubiak Marzena A. IAUS340_174 Space Research Centre PAS (CBK PAN) Modulation of interstellar gas and heliospheric backscatter glow due to variation in solar activity
110 Kutsenko Aleksandr IAUS340_84 Crimean Astrophysical Observatory RAS Flux emergence rate of active regions as a probe for turbulent dynamo action
111 Lagg Andreas IAUS340_471 Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research
112 Lehtinen Jyri IAUS340_382 Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research Doppler imaging active longitudes at the Nordic Optical Telescope
113 Lin Chia-Hsien IAUS340_135 Graduate Institute of Space Science, National Central University Probing solar-cycle variations of magnetic fields in the convective zone using meridional flows
114 Liu Suo IAUS340_222 National Astronomical Observatories, Chinese Academy of Sciences Toward Standard Data Production for Magnetic Field
115 Liu Yu IAUS340_380 Yunnan Observatories, CAS
116 Louis Rohan Eugene IAUS340_248 CESSI, IISER Kolkata Design of an adaptable Stokes polarimeter for exploring chromospheric magnetism
118 Mahajan Sushant IAUS340_280 Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA, USA Torsional oscillations: a tool to map magnetic field amplification inside the Sun
119 Mancuso Salvatore IAUS340_250 INAF - Astrophysical Observatory of Torino Multivariate analysis of intermediate quasi-periodicities of the green corona intensity
120 Mandal Krishnendu IAUS340_284 TIFR, Mumbai Inversion for meridional circulation with the spherical Born kernels
121 MANDAL SUDIP IAUS340_190 INDIAN INSTITUTE OF ASTROPHYSICS Variable nature of differential rotation profile of the Sun: A study using Kodaikanal digitized white-light data archive.
123 Mathew Shibu K IAUS340_282 Physical Research Laboratory
124 MATHPAL MAHESH CHANDRA IAUS340_351 KUMAUN UNIVERSITY NAINITAL Study of all India Homogeneous Rainfall with Solar Activity Features during 1900-2014
125 Mazumder Rakesh IAUS340_121 Center of Excellence in Space Sciences India (CESSI), IISER KOLKATA Filament, Polarity Inversion Line and Coronal Hole properties in Solar Cycle 23 from McItosh database
126 McIntosh Scott W. IAUS340_301 NCAR/High Altitude Observatory
127 Megha A IAUS340_163 Indian Institute of Astrophysics (IIA), Koramangala, Bengaluru- 560034, India Coronal magnetic field measurements using forbidden emission lines
128 Metcalfe Travis IAUS340_131 Space Science Institute A Stellar Perspective on the Magnetic Future of the Sun
129 Milic Ivan IAUS340_365 Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research Atmospheric diagnostics using spectropolarimetric inversions
130 Mishra Roshan Kumar IAUS340_123 Tribhuvan University Characteristics of Solar Wind Parameters and Geomagnetic Indices during Solar Flares
131 Mishra Sudheer Kumar IAUS340_152 Department of Physics, IIT (BHU), Varanasi The growth of magnetic Rayleigh-Taylor instability into the outer solar atmosphere and in the low inter- planetary space
132 Mishra Wageesh IAUS340_204 University of Science and Technology of China Solar Cycle Variation of Coronal Mass Ejections and the Near Earth Solar Wind Parameters
133 Mohan Atul IAUS340_150 NCRA-TIFR Exploring Coronal Magnetic Field dynamics using Low Radio Frequency Observations
134 Mondal Surajit IAUS340_144 National Centre for Radio Astrophysics A low-frequency radio interferometric solar imaging pipeline for the Murchison Widefield Array
135 Monga Aabha IAUS340_56 Aryabhatta Research Institute of observational sciencES (ARIES) Failed filament eruption associated with small scale magnetic features
137 Morton Donald IAUS340_294 Herzberg Astronomy and Astrophysics National Research Council
138 Munoz-Jaramillo Andres IAUS340_381 SouthWest Research Institute Uncertainty, Under-counting, and Survey Incosistency: Overlooked Issues While Working With Sunspot Area Data
139 N.G. Nisha IAUS340_252 University of Kerala
140 Naidu Ashwini S IAUS340_81 Department of physics, Vemana Institute of Technology Extraction of Coronal Features from Spatially Resolved Images of 174A observed from PROBA2/SWAP to Understand EUV Irradiance Variability
141 Namekata Kosuke IAUS340_66 Kyoto University, Japan Statistical Study of Solar White-light Flares and Comparison with Superflares on Solar-type Stars
142 Nandi Dibyendu IAUS340_322 CESSI, IISER Kolkata The Physics of Solar Cycle Predictability
143 Narang Nancy IAUS340_173 Indian Institute of Astrophysics Association of calcium network bright points with underneath photospheric magnetic patches
144 Nat Gopalswamy IAUS340_304 NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Coronal mass ejections as a new indicator of the active Sun
145 Nayak Sushree Sangeeta IAUS340_373 Udaipur Solar Observatory, Physical Research Laboratory. Magnetic field topology from non-force-free extrapolation and magnetohydrodynamic simulation of its eventual dynamics
146 Norton Aimee IAUS340_217 Stanford University A Century of Solar Magnetograms
147 Oberoi Divya IAUS340_166 National Centre for Radio Astrophysics Solar science at low-radio frequencies: Coming of age
148 Osipova Aleksandra Anatolyevna IAUS340_105 Pulkovo Observatory Two populations of sunspots
149 Owens Mathew IAUS340_246 University of Reading Long-term variations in the global heliosphere
150 P. Venkatakrishnan IAUS340_274 Udaipur Solar Observatory Solar Activity and Climate Change
151 P.Sreekumar IAUS340_473 IIAP
152 Panda Suman IAUS340_162 Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Kolkata A study of Twist and Tilt angle distribution of solar active regions from SDO/HMI observations
153 PANDEY DEEPAK IAUS340_328 KUMAUN UNIVERSITY Coparison between Associated and Non-associated type II solar radio bursts during increasing phase of solar cycle 23
154 Pandit Drabindra IAUS340_317 St. Xavier's College, Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu ,Nepal Solar Activities and its Impact on Space Weather
155 Pandit Himanshu IAUS340_278 SRM UNIVERSITY
156 PANDIT RUTVIK IAUS340_275 SRM University Calculation of rate of decrease of heliosphere and calculating increase in orbital period of planets due to CME and solar flares
157 Pandya Umang V IAUS340_375 Pacific Academy Of Higher Education And Research University Udaipur STUDY OF X-RAY EMISSION CHARACTERISTICS In SOLAR FLARES employing SOXS: CZT detector
158 Panesar Navdeep IAUS340_414 NASA MSFC The Triggering Mechanism of Coronal Jets and CMEs: Flux Cancelation
159 Pant Vaibhav IAUS340_165 Indian Institute of astrophysics Automated detection of coronal mass ejection in Heliosphere
160 Patel Ritesh IAUS340_164 IIA Automated detection of Coronal Mass Ejections in Visible Emission Line Coronagraph (VELC) on-board ADITYA-L1
161 Patra Sankar Narayan IAUS340_362 Jadavpur University, Kolkayta-700032 Nonlinear Autoregressive Model (NARX) of Stationary Forbush Decrease Indices Based on Levenberg-Marquardt Feedback Algorithm
162 Petrovay Kristof IAUS340_265 Eötvös University, Budapest Rogue active regions and the inherent unpredictability of the solar dynamo
163 Petrus C Martens IAUS340_391 Georgia State University Data Handing and Assimilation for Stellar Cycle Prediction
164 Pevtsov Alexei IAUS340_376 National Solar Observatory
165 PRAMOD KUMAR IAUS340_50 JaganNath University, Jaipur Monte Carlo analysis of X-ray emissions observed from RHESSI X class solar flares during 2002-2004
166 Prasad Avijeet IAUS340_146 Physical Research Laboratory Magnetohydrodynamic modeling of solar atmosphere using non-force-free magnetic fields
167 Priya T G IAUS340_62 NAOC, Beijing Study of running penumbral waves in H-alpha data
168 R. Kariyappa IAUS340_29 Department of Physics, Vemana Institute of Technology
169 Ramelli Renzo IAUS340_196 Istituto Ricerche Solari Locarno (IRSOL) Sunspot data collection and archiving at Specola Solare Ticinese
170 Rangarajan K E IAUS340_402 IIA Mapping of Chromospheric Velocity from Imaging Spectroscopy using Tunable Lyot Filter at the Kodaikanal Observatory
171 Reiners Ansgar IAUS340_346 Georg-August-Universität Göttingen Measuring stellar magnetic fields and proxies of magnetic activity
172 Riley Pete IAUS340_233 Predictive Science Inc. The State of the Solar Wind and Magnetosphere During the Maunder Minimum
173 Robert Leamon IAUS340_486 University of Maryland/ NASA GSFC
174 ROY SOUMYA IAUS340_363 HALDIA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, HALDIA Scaling Analysis of the Flare Index Data from Kandilli Observatory
175 S.Ananthakrishnan IAUS340_403 Electronic Science, SP Pune University, Pune Quiet Flows the Solar Wind: Long-term Trends in Solar Photospheric Fields and Solar Wind Micro-Turbulence
176 Sagar Ram IAUS340_475 IIAP
178 Sairam Lalitha IAUS340_194 Indian Institute of Astrophysics A comprehensive variability study of the complex corona of Capella
179 Sakaue Takahito IAUS340_133 Kwasan and Hida Observatries, Kyoto University CaII K spectroheliogram time series from Kwasan-Ikoma observatories, Kyoto University
180 Samanta Tanmoy IAUS340_195 Peking University Periodic and quasi-periodic activity in the 100-years of Kodaikanal sunspot data
181 SANTHOSH KUMAR G IAUS340_218 UNIVERSITY COLLEGE ,THIRUVANANTAHAPURAM. A study on universality, non-extensivity and Lévy statistics of solar wind turbulence
182 Santos Angela IAUS340_212 Space Science Institute Seismic signatures of magnetic activity in solar-type stars observed by Kepler
183 Sarkar Aveek IAUS340_347 Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad Numerical Simulation of active region MHD oscillations and coronal loop implosion
184 Sarkar Ranadeep IAUS340_273 Udaipur Solar Observatory, Physical Research Laboratory Geometric and magnetic properties of coronal flux ropes associated with CMEs leading to geomagnetic storms
185 Sarmah Pranjal IAUS340_106 Tezpur University Understanding the Dynamics of Prominences
186 Sarp Volkan IAUS340_189 Akdeniz University, Antalya-Turkey Nonlinear Prediction of Solar Cycle 25
187 scalia cesare IAUS340_109 Universita' di Catania The long term variation of the effective magnetic field of the active star epsilon Eridani
188 Schmieder Brigitte IAUS340_161 Observatoire de Paris Geoeffective events through the solar cycles
189 Schunker Hannah IAUS340_100 Max Planck Institute for Solar System research Statistical analysis of the evolution of active region tilt angles
190 Seema C S IAUS340_219 Research Scholar A wavelet analysis of F2 layer critical frequency over solar cycle23
191 SEN SAMRAT IAUS340_249 Indian Institute of Astrophysics Magnetohydrostatic equilibrium solution of a fluxtube
192 Shapiro Alexander IAUS340_272 Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research Brightness variations of solar-type stars: available datasets and recent achievements
193 Sharma Rohit IAUS340_168 National Centre for Radio Astrophysics, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Pune, India Quantifying weak non-thermal meterwave solar emission using non-imaging techniques
194 Shchukina Nataliia IAUS340_230 Main Astronomical Observatory, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Kyiv monitoring program of spectral line variations with 11-year cycle. Quiet Sun.
195 Shibata Kazunari IAUS340_355 Astronomical Observatory, Kyoto University Extreme Solar Events
196 Siddharth Madan IAUS340_357 Nehru Planetarium
197 sindhuja IAUS340_238 Udaipur Solar Observatory
198 Singh Jagdev IAUS340_102 Indian Institute of Astrophysics (formely) Variations in Ca-K line profiles and normalized Intensity as a function of latitude and solar cycle during the 20th century: Implication to Meridional flows
199 Singh Kunwar Alkendra Pratap IAUS340_469 Institute of Science, BHU, Varanasi
200 SINGH PRITHVI RAJ IAUS340_76 A.P.S.UNIVERSITY REWA M.P. INDIA Heliospheric Modulation of Cosmic Rays and Solar Activity during Solar Cycles 22 -24
201 Singh Vivek Kumar IAUS340_178 SHUATS Study of Coronal Rotation using X-ray Images observed by Hinode
202 Snow Martin IAUS340_337 University of Colorado / LASP Ultraviolet Solar Spectral Irradiance Variation on Solar Cycle Timescales
203 Solanki Sami K. IAUS340_258 Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research Reconstructing Total Solar Irradiance with the help of MHD simulations
204 Sowmya Krishnamurthy IAUS340_342 Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research Downflows in the chromosphere seen by He I 10830 A lines
205 Sreejesh PS IAUS340_175 Department of Physical Sciences IISER Kolkata Understanding the ultraviolet energy budget of exoplanet host stars
206 Srivastava Abhishek Kumar IAUS340_340 Department of Physics, Indian Institute of Technology (BHU)
207 Srivastava Nandita IAUS340_393 Udaipur Solar Observatory, Physical Research Laboratory, Udaipur
208 Strugarek Antoine IAUS340_186 CEA Saclay / DAp MHD Models of Solar and Stellar Dynamos with magnetic cycles
209 Suji K. J. IAUS340_169 University of Kerala Superposed Epoch Analysis of high latitude Ionospheric Joule Heating During Major Geomagnetic Storms over three Solar Cycles
210 Sujith Kumar IAUS340_410 MS Ramiah University of Applied Science
211 Sushma GN IAUS340_126 Bangalore university Decadal Variation of Equatorial Rotation Rate of the Sun from Kodaikanal Digitized Data
212 Syed Ibrahim M IAUS340_384 Madurai Kamaraj University Estimation of coronal magnetic field using type II band splitting
214 Tlatov Andrei IAUS340_159 Kislovodsk mountain astronomical station of the Pulkovo observatory Evolution of structures with an open magnetic flux over a hundred years
215 Tripathi Bindesh IAUS340_318 St. Xavier's College, Kathmandu, Nepal Modeling grand minima using hysteresis in a time delay solar dynamo model
216 Tripathi Durgesh IAUS340_78 IUCAA The Solar Ultraviolet Imaging Telescope on board Aditya-L1
217 uddin wahab IAUS340_220 Aryabhatta Research Institute of observational sciencES (ARIES), Nainital Super explosions observed in NOAA AR 12673 in the decay phase of solar cycle 24 in September, 2017
219 Valliappan Senthamizh Pavai IAUS340_191 Leibniz Institute for Astrophysics Potsdam, Germany Cycle-averaged tilt angles of sunspot groups over centuries
220 VARNANA M KUMAR IAUS340_251 UNIVERSITY COLLEGE TRIVANDRUM Inferring stellar activity variations near habitable extrasolar planets using dynamical effects
221 Viviani Mariangela IAUS340_364 Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research Solar-like stars at various rotation rates: a comparison between observations and simulations
222 Wagner Daniel IAUS340_298 Astrophysical Institute and University Observatory, Friedrich-Schiller-University, Jena, Germany Variation of the auroral oval size and offset
223 Waheed Malik Abdul IAUS340_176 Department of Physics, Islamic University of Science and Technology, Awantipora, Pulwama, J & K-192122 The Dynamics of High Latitudinal Magnetosphere in Relation to Solar Energetic Particles
224 Weber Maria A IAUS340_302 University of Chicago, Adler Planetarium Dynamo Processes Constrained by Solar and Stellar Observations
225 Witzke Veronika IAUS340_136 Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research Does the Sun behave unusually for a Sun-like star?
226 Wu Chi-Ju IAUS340_140 Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research Solar Spectral Irradiance over 9 Millennia from a Multi-isotope Composite Series
227 YAMINI IAUS340_179 Indian Institute of Technology (BHU), Varanasi Multi-line Spectroscopic Analyses of the Dynamical Cool Loops Using Interface Region Imaging Spectrometer (IRIS) Observations
228 Yan Yan IAUS340_385 National Astronomical Observatories of Chinese Academy of Sciences Decades of Chinese Solar and Geophysical Data
229 Zender Joe IAUS340_200 ESA/ESTEC SOLARSEG: Segmentation of Photospheric Magnetic Elements Corresponding to Coronal Features to Understand the EUV and UV Irradiance Variability
230 Zhang Xuefei IAUS340_404 Yunnan Observatories, CAS
231 ~Buzasi Derek IAUS340_312 Florida Gulf Coast University Building a Large Solar Analog Sample Using K2
232 ~Joshi Yogeshkumar Dileepkumar IAUS340_46 Poornima University, Jaipur STUDY OF SPACE WEATHER USING SUPER SID MONITOR
233 ~Solanki Ritika IAUS340_180 Indian Institute of Technology ( BHU), Varanasi Multi-Wavelength study of a two-stage coronal jet associated with C1.4-class flare as observed on 4 October 2014