IIA In-House Scientific Meeting April 15 - 16, 2008

15 April 2008(Tuesday)
Session I Chair: V. Krishan
09:30-10:00 S. S. Hasan Science with NLST
10:00-10:20 S. P. Rajaguru Seismology of sunspots: new results
10:20-10:40 K. P. Raju Solar activity from Kodaikanal Ca-K data
10:40-11:00 K. M. Hiremath Flares associated with dynamics of the sunspots: evidence of reconnection below the surface from the Kodaikanal Observatory data
11:00-11:30 Coffee Break
Session II Chair: C. Sivaram
11:30-11:50 K. B. Ramesh Solar irradiance variability
11:50-12:10 K. A. P. Singh Alfven-like mode in weakly ionized solar atmosphere
12:10-12:30 Aruna Goswami Metal-poor stars and early Galactic chemical evolution
12:30-12:50 Gajendra Pandey Discovery of Fluorine in Extreme Helium and R CrB Stars
12:50-13:10 Bharat Kumar
Where does Li come from in Li-rich K giants?: An observational survey
13:10 - 14:10
Lunch Break
Session III Chair: J. Singh
14:10-14:30 Rumpa Choudhury Kinematic signatures of triggered star formation in Bright-Rimmed Clouds
14:30-14:50 Blesson Mathew Be phenomenon in open clusters: Results from a survey of emission-line stars in young open clusters
14:50-15:10 Uday Kumar G. Multiwavelength observations of SN2005kd
15:10-15:30 Veeresh Singh
X-Ray emission from Seyfert Galaxies in the Framework of the Unification Scheme
15:30-16:00 Coffee Break
Session IV Chair: S. Giridhar
16:00-16:20 Smitha Subramanian Depth estimation of Magellanic Clouds using Red Clump Stars
16:20-16:40 P. S. Parihar Five years of Monitoring of PMS Variables of Orion Nebula Clusters
16:40-17:00 C. S. Stalin Quasars in the Canada-France Hawaii Telescope Legacy Survey
17:00-17:20 N. S. Shantikumar High-altitude clear-sky direct solar ultraviolet irradiance measurements at IAO-Hanle: Observations and model approaches

16 April 2008 (Wednesday)
Session V Chair: T. P. Prabhu
10:00-10:20 C. Muthumariappan Multiwavelength study of circumstellar and interstellar dust
10:20-10-40 Andrea Borch Comparison between observed and simulatedGlobular Clusters
10:40-11:00 Srinivasa Rao Study of stellar winds from O and B type stars
11:00-11:30 Coffee Break
Session VI Chair: B. P. Das
11:30-11:50 Arun Mangalam Radio loudness dichotomy and masses of black holes
11:50-12:10 R. T. Gangadhara Polarization of radiation emitted by relativistic sources in pulsars
12:10-12:30 K. Nagaraju H-alpha spectropolarimetry as a Chromospheric Magnetic Diagnostic Tool
12:30-12:50 M. Sampoorna Second Solar Spectrum: Light scattering in intermediate strength magnetic fields
12:50-13:10 B. Raghavendra Prasad Liquid crystal spatial light modulator for adaptive optics
13:10-14:10 Lunch Break
Session VII Chair: A. K. Saxena
14:10-14:30 P. M. M. Kemkar
1.3 m telescope dome and enclosure
14:30-14:50 P. Anbazhagan
Determination of CCD gain using photon transfer technique
14:50-15:10 V. Chinnappan
Tentative solutions for high speed computations and control in adaptive optics experiments
15:10-15:30 R. Srinivasan, M. S. Sundara Rajan
Fried parameter measurements - a new approach
Coffee Break and Poster Session
List of Posters
Author Title
P1: Prasad Subramaniam Constraints on solar coronal turbulence from source sizes of noise storms at 327 MHz
P2: B. S. Nagabhushana Formation of solar filaments
P3: Jagdev Singh et al. Digitizers at Kodaikanal
P4: Jagdev Singh et al. TWIN TELESCOPE at Kodaikanal
P5: P. Anbazhagan, K. Ravi Autoguider for Solar twin telescope
P6: R Ramesh Recent results from the solar observing facilities at the Gauribidanur observatory
P7: Ebenezer C Acceleration and deceleration of slow drifting solar radio bursts in the outer solar corona
P8: Prajval Shastri Parsec-scale Magnetic Field Geometry of Radio-powerful AGN
P9: S. Chatterjee On frequency distribution of binaries in star clusters
P10: K. Jayakumar, C. Muthu, N. K. Rao High resolution spectroscopy on Beta cephei star HR 39
P11: Meetu Sethi Quantum phase transitions in low-dimensions
P12: L Yeswanth Atmospheric turbulance and quadrature phase interferometry
P13: Ramachandra Reddy Detailing in earthquake resistant structures
P14: V. Chinnappan New 22 kv, 11 kv HT installations and other new electrical installations and commissioning at IIA
P15: Amit Kumar Electronic test setup for U.V.I.T. Project
P16: S. Muneer, Pukalenthi et al. Weather Station at VBO
P17: C. S. Stalin Towards LTP: results from Hanle on weather, extinction and night-sky brightness during 1998-2008
P18: B. C. Bhatt Prospective sites for LTP in and around Hanle-Ladakh
P19: P. S. Parihar The LTP DIMM Seeing Monitor
P20: NLST site survey and characterization team Brief report on the status of NLST site survey program
P21: NLST site survey and characterization team Indigenous development of SDIMM and SHABAR equipments for NLST
P22: T. P. Prabhu and P. R. Vishwanath HAGAR
P23: Christina Birdie, B. S. Mohan and P. Prabahar From Macro to Micro Management of information in IIA Library

Note: The size of each poster could be approximately 1 metre X 1 metre

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