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First Name * : Ravindra
Last Name * : Belur
Affiliation * : Indian Institute of Astrophysics
Abstract Type * : Poster
Title * : Seeing and Meteorological Measurements at Merak Site For High-Angular Resolution Solar Observation
Author(s) * : Ravindra B, Prabhu, K., Pooja Ramani, Deebangkar Sarkar, Dipankar Banerjee and Tundup Stanzin
Abstract Session * : Science with future facilities
Abstract * : National Large Solar Telescope (NLST) is a proposed 2-m class ground based optical telescope for carrying out high-angular resolution observations of the sun from Indian soil. A site with optimum atmospheric conditions is necessary for the successful implementation of NLST. Based on a comprehensive survey at the Merak site conducted between 2008 to 2019, a favourable location has been identified at the incursion site near the Pangong lake. The lake is located at the Changtang cold desert of Himalayan range. The incursion site is located at a longitude of 78deg37min, latitude of 33deg47min with an altitude of 4258 m. We have carried out wind measurements since 2008 to till date. The prevailing wind direction is in North of West and it is along the lake with a wind speed of about 5 m/s. The all sky camera is collecting the data since 2008. The number of clear days of observations in a year is 254 days, with the humidity levels varying from 30% to 80% in different time of the year. The r_0 measurements carried out during two different years (2008 - 2009 and 2017 - 2018) shows that the median seeing at the site is about 6-cm. At the height of 20-m above the ground the median seeing is about 10.3 cm during this period. In this poster, we present the results of the seeing and meteorological measurements made at the incursion site near Pongong Tso lake.