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First Name * : Vishnu
Last Name * : Madhu
Affiliation * : Indian Institute of Astrophysics
Abstract Type * : Poster
Title * : Science data pipeline development of VELC onboard ADITYA-L1
Author(s) * : Vishnu Madhu, Sumana Chavali, K. Sankarasubramanian, Dipankar Banerjee and ADITYA Team
Abstract Session * : Science with future facilities
Abstract * : ADITYA-L1 will be India’s first space mission dedicated to solar studies. The Visible Emission Line Coronagraph (VELC) is one of the prime payloads onboard ADITYA-L1. VELC will perform simultaneous imaging, spectroscopy and spectro-polarimetry of the solar corona, starting at a heliocentric distance of 1.05Ro. There are three spectral channels at 5303 Å (Fe XIV), 7892 Å (Fe XI) and 10747 Å (Fe XIII) in VELC. High cadence simultaneous spectroscopy and imaging will be a novel feature of the instrument. The instrument parameters are optimized by calculating the expected SNR values under different solar phenomena using the CHIANTI atomic database. These calculations will be presented along with detailed observational modes of the VELC and corresponding synthetic spectra. The science data pipeline development of the VELC consisting of the continuum and spectral channels will also be presented. The IRIS softwares have been used as guidelines, so comparison with IRIS data products will also be presented.