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First Name * : Veena
Last Name * : Choithani
Affiliation * : LDRP- Institute of technology and Research
Abstract Type * : Poster
Title * : Study of Solar Eruptions and their Effect on the Earth
Author(s) * : Veena Choithani, D. Pallamraju, Rajmal Jain and Manjul Kumar
Abstract Session * : Solar flares and coronal mass ejections
Abstract * : We study 150 interplanetary coronal mass ejection (ICME) events that produced minor and moderate geomagnetic storms as measured in terms of Dst index (-10 to -100 nT) during 2009-2017. We estimate the time taken by particles of solar origin to reach the earth assuming a constant speed at ~1 Astronomical Unit (1AU). From our investigations, it can be inferred that CMEs travel with higher speed in the beginning and their speed reduces as they reach L1 location. These time delays can be due to acceleration/drag process in the interplanetary medium. The shorter times observed are due to larger speeds than measured at ~1AU, possibly due to the acceleration process in the interplanetary medium