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First Name * : Girjesh
Last Name * : Gupta
Affiliation * : Physical Research Laboratory
Abstract Type * : Invited
Title * : Observations and Modelling of Chromospheric Evaporation During Solar Microflares
Author(s) * : Girjesh R Gupta, Aveek Sarkar, Durgesh Tripathi
Abstract Session * : Solar flares and coronal mass ejections
Abstract * : We present an evidence of chromospheric evaporation in a coronal loop using the observations recorded with AIA and IRIS. The evaporation occurred following simultaneous microflares at the two footpoints. It was observed in all of the three hot channels of AIA 131, 94, and 335 Å nearly simultaneously. The evaporation speed was temperature dependent, being fastest in the highest temperature channel. The whole coronal loop fully brightened following the microflares after 25 s in 131 Å, 40 s in 94 Å, and 6.5 minutes in 335 Å. The differential emission measurements during the microflare and at the fully brightened loop top suggest that the plasma attained a maximum temperature of ∼10 MK at all these locations. The spectroscopic observations from IRIS revealed the presence of redshifted emission in C II and Si IV lines which was co-spatial, and co-temporal with the evaporation flows. We have used a 1D hydrodynamic simulation and forward modelling to reproduce these observations.