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First Name * : Mingzhe
Last Name * : Guo
Affiliation * : Shandong University & KU Leuven
Abstract Type * : Poster
Title * : Wave heating in simulated multi-stranded coronal loops
Author(s) * : Mingzhe Guo, Tom Van Doorsselaere, Konstantinos Karampelas, Bo Li
Abstract Session * : Fundamental plasma processes
Abstract * : It has been found that the Kelvin-Helmholtz instability (KHI) induced by both transverse and torsional oscillations in coronal loops can reinforce the effects of wave heating. In this study, we model a coronal loop as a system of individual strands, and we study wave heating effects by considering a combined transverse and torsional driver at the loop footpoint. We deposit the same energy into the multi-stranded loop and an equivalent monolithic loop, and then observe a faster increase in the internal energy and temperature in the multi-stranded model. Therefore, the multi-stranded model is more efficient in starting the heating process. Moreover, higher temperature is observed near the footpoint in the multi-stranded loop and near the apex in the monolithic loop. The apparent heating location in the multi-stranded loop agrees with the previous predictions and observations. Given the differences in the results from our multi-stranded loop and monolithic loop simulations, and given that coronal loops are suggested to be multi-stranded on both theoretical and observational grounds, our results suggest that the multi-strandedness of coronal loops needs to be incorporated in future wave-based heating mechanisms.