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First Name * : Kilian
Last Name * : Krikova
Affiliation * : IGAM/Institute of Physics, University of Graz, Austria
Abstract Type * : Poster
Title * : Small-scale Dynamics in a Coronal-Hole related to Microflaring Events
Author(s) * : Kilian Krikova, Dominik Utz, Astrid Veronig, Stefan Hofmeister, Manuela Temmer, Peter Gömöry, Judith Palacios-Hernandez, Jose Ivan Campos Rozo
Abstract Session * : Thermal and magnetic coupling through the atmosphere
Abstract * : Coronal holes are long living features which can exist for several solar rotations, from high to low latitudes on the Sun. In recent years coronal holes started to attract higher scientific interest as they are thought to be the scource region of the fast solar wind, which in turn has important consequences on the solar-terrestial relation as well as a strong impact on Earth's environment. Thus the study and understanding of coronal holes is of major scientific interest. Nevertheless, it is still an open scientific question how the solar wind, a steady stream of charged particles, is accelerated and energized through the solar atmosphere. Possible candidates for this energetization could be small-scale eruptive events caused by magnetic field reconnection. Due to a highly reduced background radiation in the EUV and soft-Xray as well as due to their open-field nature, coronal holes are best suited to study the smallest and least energetic coronal phenomena and their response through the solar atmosphere. We study two recurring microflares and their corresponding transient-like phenomena originating directly from the dark background inside an equatorial coronal hole caused by flux emergence and closely followed cancelation. With our study, we aim to infer information on the dynamics of the smallest solar energy release events, using high cadence narrow-band imaging and spectroscopic observations. These small scale reconnection events may be relevant for coronal heating and contribute to the solar wind formation.