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First Name * : Bernhard
Last Name * : Fleck
Affiliation * : ESA
Abstract Type * : Poster
Title * : Mapping the acoustic cut-off frequency in the solar atmosphere
Author(s) * : S. M. Jefferies, B. Fleck, N. Murphy, F. Berrilli
Abstract Session * : Chromospheric dynamics
Abstract * : We present the observed local dispersion relations for magneto-acoustic-gravity waves in the Sun's atmosphere for different levels of magnetic field strength. We model these data, which were obtained with the Magneto-Optical Filter at Two Heights (MOTH-II) and SDO/HMI, with a theoretical local dispersion relation to produce spatial maps of the acoustic cut-off frequency at two heights in the Sun's photosphere. These maps have implications for the mechanical heating of the Sun's upper atmosphere by magneto-acoustic-gravity waves.