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First Name * : Rahul
Last Name * : Yadav
Affiliation * : Institute for Solar Physics, Dept. of Astronomy, Stockholm University, Stockholm
Abstract Type * : Poster
Title * : Magnetic and kinematic structure of a flux emerging region
Author(s) * : Rahul Yadav
Abstract Session * : Chromospheric dynamics
Abstract * : We analyze high-resolution spectropolarimetric observations of a young flux emerging region (FER) recorded with GRIS at the 1.5 m aperture GREGOR telescope in the He I 1083.0 nm spectral region. The chromospheric and photospheric magnetograms of FER obtained by fitting the He I triplet line and Si I line using the Hazel and the Milne-Eddington inversion codes, respectively. We discuss the magnetic field and kinematic structure of FER in the photosphere and the chromosphere. Furthermore, the 3D magnetic field vectors in FER reconstructed using non-force-free extrapolations starting from the photosphere and the chromosphere. We also discuss how the magnetic field vectors vary along the reconstructed field lines and their counterparts in the photosphere and the upper chromosphere.