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First Name * : Brigitte
Last Name * : Schmieder
Affiliation * : LESIA, Observatoire de Paris
Abstract Type * : Poster
Title * : Bi-directional reconnection outflows in an active region
Author(s) * : Guiping Ruan, Brigitte Schmieder, Sophie Masson, Pierre Mein, Nicole Mein, Guillaume Aulanier, Yao Chen
Abstract Session * : Chromospheric dynamics
Abstract * : Bi-directional coronal reconnection outflows reaching +/-200 km/s have been observed in an active region with the Si II and CII spectra of IRIS.The evolution of the active region with an emerging flux, a failed filament eruption and a jet is followed in SDO/AIA filters from 304 to 94 A, IRIS SJIs, and SDO/HMI movies. The bi-directional outflow reconnection is located at a bright point visible in multi wavelength AIA filters above an arch filament systems (AFS). This suggests that the reconnection occurs between rising loops above the emergence of magnetic bipoles and the longer, twisted magnetic field lines remnant of the failed filament eruption one hour before. The reconnection occurs continuously in the corona between quasi-parallel magnetic field lines which is possible in 3D configuration. The reconnection also triggers a jet with transverse velocities around 60 km/s. Blue and redshifts along its axis confirm the existence of a twist along the jet, which could have been transferred from the filament flux rope. The jet finally blows up the material of the filament before coming back during the second phase. In the Halpha Dopplergrams provided by the MSDP spectrograph we see more redshift than blueshift indicating the return of the jet and filament plasma.