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First Name * : AMARTYA
Last Name * : MONDAL
Affiliation * : National Institute Of Technology, Agartala, Tripura-799046, India
Abstract Type * : Poster
Title * : Kinematics and Energetics of  Polar and Equatorial Spicules as Observed by IRIS
Author(s) * : Amartya Mondal; Yamini K. Rao; A.K. Srivastava; R. Erdelyi
Abstract Session * : Chromospheric dynamics
Abstract * : We detected a large number of spicule samples off the limb at the equator and polar cap using SJI observations (Mg II 2796 A) of IRIS on 25-03-2014 during 11:15:18 UT - 12:24:55 UT and 25-08-2017 during 23:34:12 UT - 00:37:49 UT, respectively. The length, velocity derived by trajectory fit, life time of these spicules have been estimated and compared. The associated energy estimation and distribution of the polar and equatorial spicules are determined. The role of these spicules have been discussed in the solar atmosphere in terms of its contribution to the energy transport in the lower solar atmosphere. In particular, the energy spectrum is studied and the issue of the power spectrum and power index is addressed to determine whether these phenomena are caused by local or global energy releases. The power spectra are interpreted in analogy to other energy releases such of the well-known nano/micro- and other flaring processes.