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First Name * : Ajanta
Last Name * : Datta
Affiliation * : HKBK College Of Engineering
Abstract Type * : Poster
Title * : Study of Standing Oscillations in Coronal Plumes
Author(s) * : Ajanta Datta, Vaibhav Pant, Dipankar Banerjee
Abstract Session * : Thermal and magnetic coupling through the atmosphere
Abstract * : Coronal Plumes are radially expanding open magnetic structures. Plumes are important for their contribution towards acceleration of solar wind. Plumes support propagating slow magneto-acoustic waves, which are heavily damped. Thermal dissipation is a major player in wave damping, though it is not the only one. Standing waves are observed in mostly hot coronal loops and there are very few imaging observations. Recently standing slow waves are reported from cool loops also. Standing slow mode waves are a useful tool in coronal seismology. In this study, we are reporting the evidence of standing slow mode wave in open plume from imaging observations. Analysing the intensity variations from the AIA imaging data, we have confirmed tthat, these intensity variations are due to standing oscillations. We have detected the reflection height of these standing modes. We have also studied the density variation along the plume to understand possible cause of reflection of wave along an open stucture.