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First Name * : Sahel
Last Name * : Dey
Affiliation * : Indian Institute of Astrophysics & Indian Institute of Science
Abstract Type * : Oral
Title * : Modeling the Solar Spicule Forest
Author(s) * : Sahel Dey (IIA & IISc), Piyali Chatterjee (IIA), Robert Erdelyi (University of Sheffield)
Abstract Session * : Thermal and magnetic coupling through the atmosphere
Abstract * : Solar spicules are thin elongated structures comprising of cold and dense chromospheric plasma making incursions –all the time– into the much hotter solar transition region and coronal plasma. Spicules are believed to be conduits for mass and energy from the solar chromosphere into the corona through magnetic waveguides and are conjectured to play an important part in the heating of the upper solar atmosphere. In this talk, we will present a series of two and three-dimensional magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) simulations varying both the magnetic field orientation and strength, which forms the solar spicule forest, self consistently. We demonstrate that the thousands of spicules generated in each of our simulation, whose properties like length, lifetime, modes of oscillations are in remarkable agreement with the observations and, are primarily associated with two distinct phenomena–1) MHD shock or 2) lower atmospheric magnetic reconnection. There is evidence for both scenarios, therefore our simulations further contribute to unveiling the subtleties of spicule formation. We also anticipate the presence of Kelvin-Helmholtz instability and its effect on the multi-stranded structure of spicules. Finally, we analyze different oscillation modes of the synthetic spicules using time-distance diagrams and estimate the energy corresponding to each mode.