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First Name * : Krishna Prasad
Last Name * : Sayamanthula
Affiliation * : Queens University Belfast
Abstract Type * : Oral
Title * : The propagation of acoustic wave energy in magnetic atmospheres
Author(s) * : S. Krishna Prasad, D. B. Jess, M. Mathioudakis
Abstract Session * : Thermal and magnetic coupling through the atmosphere
Abstract * : The ubiquitous acoustic oscillations in the photosphere barely make it to the chromosphere in non-magnetic atmospheres due to strong radiative damping and shock dissipation. In magnetic atmospheres, however, these oscillations propagate all the way up to corona revealing themselves as running slow MHD waves in EUV images. Using high spatial and temporal resolution data from ground-based observatories in combination with those from IRIS, it has been recently shown that the acoustic waves sustain a substantial energy loss in the lower solar atmosphere of a sunspot. Employing some recently acquired spectropolarimetric data from the Swedish Solar Telescope (SST), we investigated the behaviour of these oscillations over a small pore, the results of which will be presented in this talk.