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First Name * : Vishal
Last Name * : Upendran
Affiliation * : IUCAA
Abstract Type * : Poster
Title * : Heating of the Quiet Corona
Author(s) * : Vishal Upendran, Durgesh Tripathi
Abstract Session * : Chromospheric dynamics
Abstract * : The solar corona, i.e the upper layer of the Sun’s atmosphere, consists of million degree Kelvin hot plasma in contrast to thousand degree Kelvin plasma at the photosphere, i.e the surface of the Sun. Such high temperature of the plasma is sought to be explained by multiple models, the most prominent being the Nanoflare heating model. The nanoflare models have been tested rather successfully in active regions due to their pronounced heating and being the best target of opportunity. However, the relevance of this heating model for quiet Sun has been sparsely studied. In this work, by assuming an empirical impulsive heating model, we estimate associated quantities of a Quiet Sun region, like the flaring frequency, flaring duration and power law slope, from SDO AIA EUV data and IRIS data. Such estimation of distribution of these parameters puts constraints on the mechanism and energetics of nanoflare generation