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First Name * : Rahul
Last Name * : Sharma
Affiliation * : Universidad de Alcala
Abstract Type * : Poster
Title * : Complex 3D dynamics of solar spicule structures
Author(s) * : Rahul Sharma, Gary Verth, Robertus Erdelyi
Abstract Session * : Chromospheric dynamics
Abstract * : It is now known that open magnetic field topology features in quiet Sun environment (e.g., spicules, mottles, RBE/RRE, etc.) can channelize mass, energy and momentum across the solar transition region, and contribute to the solar wind. This mechanism is reflected in the observed dynamics of these features, and can be understood in terms of confined magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) wave-modes (kink, sausage and torsional Alfven). For the first time, the evolution of the resultant transverse displacement of the observed flux tube structures, estimated from perpendicular velocity components, is analyzed along with cross-sectional width, photometric and azimuthal shear/torsion variations, to accurately identify the confined wave-mode(s). I will discuss the observational evidence of pulse-like nonlinear kink wave-mode(s), as indicated by the strong coupling in between kinematic observables, with a frequency/wavenumber-doubling aspect (Sharma et al. 2018), along with nonhelical evolution of the spicular waveguides. The 3D ensemble of the observed dynamic components revealed complexities pertinent to the accurate identification and interpretation of e.g. linear/nonlinear, coupled/uncoupled MHD wave-modes in the observed waveguides (spicules).