IRIS 10 Tutorial

This following link provides more information about the IRIS Python tutorial given at the IRIS-10 meeting in Bengaluru, India held on 4th November 2019. At the workshop, participants are expected to work on the tutorial using Binder, a cloud-based solution that lets you run an instance of Jupyter lab with all the required packages and data files. To start the Binder notebook, follow the link below:

Different lecture material during IRIS tutorial sessions can be found from this link

"All the data files and exercises needed for each tutorial can be found at this page:

Extra instructions for the IRIS2 standalone installation for the "Inverting IRIS Mg II h&k lines with IRIS2" tutorial can be found here:

Please also make sure you have an up-to-date version of IDL installed in your laptop, including at least the following packages: IRIS, EIS, CHIANTI, AIA, sot, ontology, gen

The upgrade of these packages can also be performed using the ssw_upgrade routine (e.g. IDL> ssw_upgrade, /gen, /iris, /aia, /eis, /chianti, /sot, /ontology, /loud ,/spawn). Also please remember to update your.cshrc or .tcshrc configuration file accordingly (e.g. setenv SSW_INSTR "iris eis chianti sot ontology") "