Local Transport

There are various modes of travel across the city like private taxis, cabs, auto-rickshaws etc.

Private taxis and cabs are available to travel in and around the city. They can be hired or booked using Mobile Applications like Ola or Uber. If you want to explore the city then, it is the best option and the fare is charged according to the distance covered once you get into the taxi. Taxis with the fixed rates are available at railway station and airport.

Another means of transport is an auto-rickshaw which is easily available everywhere in the city including the bus terminal and the railway station. Like taxis, the fare is charged depending on the metre which maintains the record of total distance covered and this is why, it is important to check that whether the meter is working or not before getting into an auto-rickshaw.

Another very popular mode of transportation are BMTC buses, they are available over all the routes and easily available everywhere in the city.