The major collection of the library is in the field of Astronomy and Astrophysics. However, there are a number of books on Physics, Mathematics, Geophysics, Electronics, Photography, Computers and Biographies. The library is fully automated and the catalog of books and journals is available on-line using LIBSYS software. The combined catalog of books available in FORSA Libraries can be accessed from

New Acquisitions are announced in a separate list.


The library subscribes to 98 journals and most of them are available on-line and can be accessed from the E-Journals Page.

Journals (Bound and unbound) cannot be borrowed. The required articles can be photocopied within the library.


A small collection of books is marked as "Reference". They include the Encyclopedias, Dictionaries and Atlases and are to be used only in the library. Some of the reference works are available in CDs like The Encyclopaedia Britannica and National Geographic. A complete set of National Geographic Magazine for 108 years is on CDs. The best secondary source for Astronomy and Astrophysics literature is the Astronomy & Astrophysics abstracts published by the Rechen Institute, Heidelberg and the library has all the volumes from 1968. Physics abstracts earlier titled Science Abstracts are also available from 1929 to 1981. Some of the star catalogues are marked as 'Reference'.

Atlases & catalogues:

The library has a large collection of astronomical atlases and catalogues. The atlases have been shelved separately and are easily accessible. Palomar Sky Survey atlas is available in print as well as on CDs.

Microfiche Collection:

The Microfiche collection of about 2000 is stored in a wooden cabinet. Many star catalogues including the IRAS catalogue are in Microfiche form. The collection also includes Microfiches, which come along with journals like MNRAS, APJ Supplement, and Astronomy & Astrophysics Supplement.

Slides & Photographs:

The Library has a good collection of slides and photographs. There are 650 slides relating to astronomical objects, IIA telescopes and domes, institutes buildings and instruments that are arranged and catalogued under broad subject headings. The staff of the Institute for colloquia, lectures & slide shows may borrow them. The photographs relate to important events in the history of IIA. The Library also keeps pictures of astronomical objects, IIA buildings, instruments and the garden.

Last updated on: September 29, 2021