This meeting will foster cooperation and collaboration in solar physics within the Asia-Pacific region. Although a majority of the speakers in this meeting may be from the Asia-Pacific region, any solar physicist from anywhere in the world will be most welcome to attend this meeting.

Scientific Presentations

APSPM Proceedings draft copy can be downloaded from here (proof reading)

There will be invited talks (30 minutes duration; by invitation only), oral presentations (20 minutes duration) and posters. Anyone interested in participating in the meeting is requested to register and submit abstract online. The last date for abstract submission is 31 December 2011. Decisions on submitted abstracts will be communicated to the authors by 10 January 2011.

Local arrangements

There will be no registration fee for the meeting. We are going to make arrangements with a hotel near the conference venue, where a room is likely to be around $100 per day. For participants requiring less expensive accommodation, we are also likely to make arrangements with a nearby guest house, where a room with only the very basic facilities may cost about $20 per day. For a very limited number of younger participants, the organizers may be able to sponsor the accommodation.

Indian Visa

For participants requiring Indian Visa, we shall provide more information soon.

India-China Discussion Session

The visit of the Chinese participants is expected to be sponsored by a bilateral exchange programme of DST (India) and NSFC (China). A major part of the first day's programme (21 March 2011) will be an India-China discussion session, where several Indian and Chinese solar phsicisist will make scientific presentations. We request all participants of APSPM to regard this session as an integral part of APSPM and to attend this session.


  • National meeting March 25, 2011 on "Solar Dynamical Processes as drivers of Space Weather"