This meeting aims at bringing together solar physicists in the country to discuss ways and means to build greater synergy in the science programmes with the planned and upcoming facilities such as NLST, Aditya I, MAST and other existing facilities. The talks are structured as follows: each session will begin with an overview of the facility along with the planned backend instrumentation followed by presentations on specific science objectives. The science talk should bring out the instrument requirements clearly. Whether the Phase-I instrumentation is sufficient or a phase-II development required can be brought out during these talks. An important objective of the meeting is to examine specific ways to enhance collaboration among scientists, various projects and Institutions and clearly specify the area of involvement of each institute on these projects. The active participation of young researchers in the field is strongly encouraged. Students and young researchers from universities may get travel support by sending a request letter.

The lectures and the inaugural programme are open to all. However, participation in the meeting as a registered delegate is only by invitation. Anyone particularly interested in attending the meeting as a registered participant may send a mail by 23rd October, 2011 to