Star forming regions are replete with dense pockets of molecular hydrogen. Proto stellar systems form in some of the densest regions of these pockets, with a number of star-forming clouds having a filamentary appearance. Extensive multi-wavelength studies of star-forming regions have led to better understanding of the physics of star formation and proto-stellar evolution. Theoretical understanding of star-formation too, has improved enormously to encompass different modes of triggering the star-forming cycle. This workshop will cover some of the crucial topics in star-formation:

  1. Structure and dynamics of molecular clouds
  2. Triggered star-formation
  3. Low and high-mass star forming regions, and HII regions
  4. Protostellar evolution, jets and outflows
  5. Star-clusters, binaries, initial mass function (IMF)

Scientific organising committee:
Annapurni Subramaniam
Sumedh Anathpindika
Padmakar Parihar
Mousumi Das


Image in the banner: Herschel image of the Aquila Rift
Image credit: ESA/Herschel/SPIRE/PACS/Ph. André (CEA Saclay) for the 'Gould Belt survey' Key Programme Consortium