International Projects

Co-PI of the Coronagraph instrument for Aditya Mission

 Aditya will be the first dedicated solar satellite (proposed to be launched by ISRO around 2014) for studying the atmosphere of Sun. The Coronagraph is the only pay-load approved (December 2009) to be flown on Aditya. This will be a Visible emission line space coronagraph capable of taking images close to the sun (from 1.1 solar radii) at very high cadence (one image every second).

Core member of the Science team for the National Large Solar Telescope (NLST) project

This project is in the final DPR stage. The plan is for a 2-m class ground based facility, most likely at a high altitude site.

Trilateral (UK-US-India) research initiative set up between:


Indo - Belgian joint project entitled " Contemporary physical challenges for heliospherical and astrophysical models (CHARMS) /NLST" jointly supported by DST and BELSPO. 2014-2017

P.I for several JOP and HOP programs

Joint observing Program (JOP) and Hinode Observing program (HOP) is the highest priority co-
ordinated observing program for solar observations using ground and space based instruments, namely
SoHO, Trace, Hinode etc. These proposals are accepted through TAC.

Royal Society- British Council India        2006-2009

Three year joint research grant for collaborative research between Armagh Observatory, U.K. and
Indian Institute of Astrophysics (Bilateral program between Royal Society London and the British
Council India). Dipankar Banerjee was the P.I. from India and J.G. Doyle was the P.I. from U.K.

DST- DAAD international project        2007-2009

Two year project grant under DST- DAAD (Indo-German bilateral program). Dipankar Banerjee
was the P.I. from India and Sami Solanki from Max Planck Institute was the P.I. from Germany.



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