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C codes

  1. fits2jpeg
    Converts fits images to jpeg. This was originally written by Jayant. I did a makeover and added extra functionalities.
    • Batch Conversion: You can give wild card entries (eg: *.fits)
    • Intensity Scaling: Linear, Log, Square, Square-root etc.

    • cfitsio library
    • jpeg library, which is available on most of the linux/unix distributions
    • C compiler and some fits files

    • Any POSIX compliant operating system

    Download from TAUVEX Download area.
    Related Software: Bill Cotton's FITS2Jpeg
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PHP Scripts

  1. Website Counter
    A billion website hitcounters exist on the web. Here is mine.
    • Text Counter - no images
    • Total visits and unique visits are logged
    • Move mouse over the count value to see unique visits
    • Detailed log (referer, visitor's IP, time of visit, etc) are also saved - Call it your personal webserver log

    • A webserver equipped with php html preprocessor

    Script in action: My own webpage.
    Download: tar.gz[2.9 KB] zip[3.4 KB]
  2. Location Bar
    PHP Script that automatically generate a location bar for your page. If you have URLs in multiple levels of subdirectories, then this may be of use.
    • Ready for use - nothing to configure/modify
    • Add links to all "index.php" and "index.html" from directories above the html page on view

    • A webserver equipped with php html preprocessor

    Script in action: A Demo page
    Download: tar.gz[2.2 KB] zip[2.6 KB]
  3. Fetchbugs
    Given the product details and a bugzilla login information, this PHP script will return a list of open bugs. I wrote this to display a summary of open bugs for a product on its documentation page.
    • A webserver equipped with php html preprocessor
    • cURL
    • A working BugZilla installation!

    Script in action: List of Open Bugs on the TAUVEX Data Pipeline Documentation page
    Download: tar.gz[3.9 KB] zip[4.5 KB]
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Download (All of them): tar.gz[5.6 KB] zip[9.0 KB]
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All the rest

  1. Simbad Search Plugin
    Adds a Simbad Identifier search option into the list of search engines on a web browser. This is an opensearch plugin - Works with any opensearch compatible browsers like firefox, mozilla, opera, konqueror, Internet Explorer 7, etc.
    • Identifier Query: Search for the given name/identifier in simbad. Search radius is 2 arc-min.

    • A standards compliant browser

    Install tar.gz[1.4 KB] zip[1.7 KB]
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