Apart from solar physics, I do a lot of other stuffs:


I love to play sports, both indoor and outdoor games. Volleyball and Cricket are the two outdoor sports which I play regularly. I have even participated [and won] couple of volleyball tournaments in Bangalore. In volleyball, I play as a center [/libero].

I also regularly play cricket, a very popular sport in India. I am a wicket-keepr batsman. Table tennis and Badminton are the two indoor games which I love to play on any given day.


Cryptography, the art of hiding information, is something which attracts me quite strongly. I have, in-fact, developed a 'substitution cipher' code in IDL. Here is an output from that:


If you can figure out what is written in the above message, please drop me an email.

There are plenty of books and documentaries available these days. Here is a youtube video about cryptography which covers the history of the subject fairly well.

Here is a website by Simon Singh (click) where you can know and learn a lot of cryptography and its applications in modern day life. Simon Singh is also an author of various popular books on cryptography (find him on Amazon).