A Grammar of the language Lin

Version: Lin 5.03

Table of contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Phonology & Orthgraphy
  3. Enneasemy & Cements
  4. Postpositions and Morphology
  5. Subordinate Clauses
  6. Relative Clauses and Participles
  7. Notes
    1. Note on verbs
    2. Note on lexical derivations
  8. Documentation of Lin versions
  9. Lin->English Lexicon


    Lin is a spatially compact lang ("language"). For example, the English sentence "the (human) being sees the interesting book" can be translated into Lin as _h v i2b_, with a compression factor of 4.9! Or, "the important agreement is possible" can be translated into Lin as _i5o m_, with a compression factor of 7.2! At first sight the grammar of Lin looks less like that of a human lang and more like a (humanly processable) compression algorithm (with moderate compressing power)!

    Lin derives its compactness from the use of small words, avoiding to state contextually-inferrable info and allowing polysemy (multiplicity of meanings) of words which is disambiguated by means of morphology that takes up inter-word spaces.