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1. Upper age limit to apply is 24 years as on 9 April 2012.
2. Students in the pre-final / final year of their degree programme are eligible to apply.
3. Candidates should have obtained 60% or more marks in the core subjects (from X standard).
4. Give details of X standard, XII standard, and degree marks (till the last appeared semester exam).
5. Submit your photograph and mark statements (till the last appeared semester exam) in the next page (Preview page).
6. In the case of grade point average (GPA), normalize to 100% i.e., if GPA is out of 10, multiply by 10 etc.
7. Use the format specified in the .pdf file for the Recommendation Letter (PDF)
8. Any false data provided will automatically lead to rejection of the application.
Recommendation letter should be filled by the Head of the Department where the candidate is presently studying. The recommendation letter is strictly confidential and should be posted in a sealed cover so as to reach Board of Graduate Studies, Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Bangalore-560034 on or before 9 April 2012. Mention Summer Programmes 2012 at the top of the cover.
Contact for clarifications.