The Primary goal of public outreach at IIA is to increase public awareness of the activities being carried out by the astronomers here at IIA. We expect that this awareness will not only engender a passion for science, but also decrease the chasm that appears to be present between the science-practitioners and the non-practitioners. We believe that every human being is intrinsically wired to look up at the sky and experience an immense sense of awe. The vastness of the Universe Can make one feel both humble and small, yet extremely powerful as one begins to understand how it works.

Find information about Public lectures by astronomers, Sky Watches with IIA Telescopes, and Answers to your Scientific queries on this webpage.

The public outreach members can be reached at "outreach@iiap.res.in".


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Ongoing Outreach Program at IIA...


...A course of outreach lectures with first lecture on 4th February 2017
The next lecture is on 15/04/2017 at 2:30 PM.
Registration is just before the lecture at the Institute Entrance (Contact security staff).

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