Past Events

  • 20/01/2020 -IIA campus visit from Dayapuram Arts and Science college for women, Kattangal, Kerala (Number: 34+3)
  • Astronomical Event: Penumbral Lunar Eclipse
    Event Time in Bangalore
    Penumbral Eclipse begins - 10 Jan, 22:37:44 (10.37 pm)
    Maximum Eclipse - 11 Jan, 00:40:02 (12.40 am)
    Penumbral Eclipse ends - 11 Jan, 02:42:19 (02.42 am)
  • 09/01/2020 -IIA campus visit from Zamorin's Guruvayurappan College, Kozhikode, Kerala (Number: 44+4=48)
  • Event Name: 107th Indian Science Congress Expo. (Participation of IIA)
    Venue: University of Agricultural Sciences, GKVK, Bengaluru
    Date: 3rd - 7th January 2020;
    Event Link :
  • 26/12/2019 Solar Eclipse event at IIA Campus, Bengaluru, Kodaikanal and Kavalur
  • 26/12/2019 -IIA campus visit from Bengaluru North University, Tamaka,Kolar, Karnataka
  • 16/12/2019 -Gauribidanur visit from Ethiraj College, Chennai, Tamil Nadu.
  • 14/11/2019 - IIA Campus visit from Govt. MHSS Perinthalmanna, Kerela
  • 13/11/2019 - IIA Campus visit from Vydehi School of Excellence, Whitefield, Bengaluru
  • 07/11/2019 - Outreach programme conducted at Lamdon school, Leh
  • 5-/11/2019 - Vigyan Samagam Inaguration at Science City, Kolkata
  • (05 - 08) /11/ 2019 at Science City, Kolkata as part of IISF-2019 (India International Science Festival)
  • 30/10/2019 at IIA Campus visit as part of IISF-2019 precursor prog. from University of Chandigarh B.Tech Aerospace students and School Students from Abinva Bharathi High School, Mandya, Karnataka
  • 04/09/2019 at IIA campus visit from Cambridge Public School, Bangaluru.
  • 17-21/08/2019 Vigyan Samagam-TMT week at Visveswarya Industrial& Technological Museum, Bengaluru.
  • 14/08/2019 at IIA Campus visit from Silicon City PU college, Bangaluru.

    *Note: All campus visit - Photos are available at IIA Facebook/twitter page.
    Twitter :

  • IIA School Outreach Program-23 7 October 2017 at Government Higher Primary School, Agara
  • IIA School Outreach Program-22 19 August 2017 at Government Urdu Higher Primary School, Frazer Town
  • IIA School Outreach Program-21 22 July 2017 at Gandhipura Higher Primary School, Whitefield
  • IIA School Outreach Program-20 9 December 2016 at Seva Bharat Higher Primary School, Vivek nagar
  • IIA School Outreach Program-19 12 November 2016 at Modern School, J P Nagar
  • IIA School Outreach Program-18 12 March 2016 at Government higher primary school, Baichapura, Devanahalli
  • IIA School Outreach Program-17 16 January 2016 at Shri Satyanarayana higher primary school, Bangalore.
  • IIA School Outreach Program-16 12 December 2015 at Sacred heart boys school, Bangalore.
  • IIA School Outreach Program-15 5 December 2015 at Bharathi education society Mandya.
  • IIA School Outreach Program-14 3 October 2015 at Vikasana Birur.
  • IIA School Outreach Program-13 29 August 2015 at SevaSadan Government school, Bangalore.
  • IIA School Outreach Program-12 1 August 2015 at ReddyJana Sangha school, Koramangala Bangalore.
  • IIA School Outreach Program-11 15 Nov 2014 at AP Model School, Ramasamudram, Andhra Pradesh
  • IIA School Outreach Program-10 27 Sept 2014 at Govt. High School, Arasanakunte, Karnataka
  • IIA School Outreach Program-9 20th Sept 2014 at Govt. High School, Aghalaya, Mandya District, Karnataka
  • IIA School Outreach Program-8 25th Aug 2014 at Pegasus Institute of Excellence, Dodballapur
  • IIA School Outreach Program-7 12th July 2014 at Govt. High School, Bedathur
  • IIA School Outreach Program-6 12th July 2014 at Rural Residential High School, Hosakere
  • IIA School Outreach Program-5 05th July 2014 at Oxford School, Devanhalli, Bangalore, Bangalore
  • IIA School Outreach Program-4 21st December 2013 at Reddyjna Sangha School, Koramangala, Bangalore
  • IIA School Outreach Program-3 31st August 2013 at Modern School, J P Nagar, Bangalore
  • IIA School Outreach Program-2 20th July 2013 at MSR Highschool, Bangalore
  • IIA School Outreach Program-1 15th June 2013 at Madiwala Highschool, bangalore

  • Annular Solar #Eclipse on 21st June 2020,

    NOTE: Due to current scenario public not allowed inside the campus, please watch through online.

    LIVE STREAM of eclipse and IIA Public Outreach Webinar (both) at:

    For more info.:

    Individual Live stream Links of each of our field stations are as follows:

    Hanle Link:

    Kodaikanal link:

    Bangalore link:

    Eclipse with Webinar:

    Witness the Annular Solar #Eclipse on 21st June 2020, 10.29 am LIVE from #Hanle, #kodaikanal and #Bengaluru.
    *subject to clear sky and technical feasibility conditions

    Event : Annular Solar Eclipse - 21st June 2020

    Visibility at Hanle is 90%.

    Duration:3 hours, 22 minutes, 13 seconds
    Partial begins:Jun 21 at 10:29:45 am
    Maximum:Jun 21 at 12:09:38 pm
    Partial ends:Jun 21 at 1:51:58 pm

    Visibility at Leh 87%, Merak 85% , Bangalore 36% and Kodai 27%.


    Popular Talks on 21st June 2020 during the eclipse.

    IIA Public Outreach Talk -1

    Speaker: Prof. Ravinder Banyal

    Title : Solar Eclipse: A Date with Celestial Light and Shadow Play

    Abstract: Eclipses are rare and dramatic celestial events. A solar eclipse is set to occur on 21st June, 2020. While the eclipse will be partly visible from most part of India, people in North will be able to get the better glimpse of annularity – where moon will obscure the central disk of the Sun, leaving a thin annular region around forming a spectacular “ring of fire”. In this talk, the speaker will explain the importance of eclipses, why they happen and how to view the Sun safely during the eclipse.

    IIA Public Outreach Talk -2

    Speaker: P.K.Mahesh,
    Engineer F & Head, Systems Engineering Group

    Title : Instruments for observing the sun-Siderostats, Heliostats and Coelostats

    Abstract: The aim of this talk is to provide details of one type of instrument used to observe the sun, the one using plane mirrors and lenses. There are 3 types of such equipment. The difference between them will be detailed.


    Image credit:timeanddate


    National Science Day (28th Feb 2020) Event registration link:


    National Science Day 28th Feb 2020 Event registration link:

    To the Moon and Beyond

    A Neil Armstrong Retrospective and Perspective


    Possibly the most iconic quote of the 20th century was from Neil Armstrong: "That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind." Watched by 600 million people, that small step was responsible for many people choosing a career in the sciences. As President Obama said: "Neil Armstrong was a hero not just of his time, but of all time. Thank you, Neil, for showing us the power of one small step." The 1960s were a heady time for space flight. Sputnik had ignited the Space Race, John F. Kennedy made his historic speech: "... the goal, before this decade is out, of landing a man on the Moon and returning him safely to the Earth." There were expectations, fed by the Golden Age writers of science fiction, that we would have colonies, if not fully fledged cities on Mars and even Ganymede. 50 years later, only 12 men have ever walked on the Moon. Four are still alive, with the youngest being Charles Duke (83 years old). I will describe the achievements of the manned space program over the last 50 years, with a special focus on the Apollo program and prospects for the future.


    Title : The Magnetic Universe - Deciphering the Invisible


    Magnets are ubiquitous in our lives. Starting from the use of magnetic compasses to aid navigation until the advent of GPS, magnets are everywhere - in credit cards to smartphones and computers. Indeed, the entire Universe seems to be permeated with magnetic fields with different astrophysical systems like planets, stars, galaxies and galaxy clusters hosting fields of varied strengths. While stars and galaxies can be seen directly by the light they emit, cosmic magnetism is invisible to our eyes. However, astronomers can discover their presence through the detection of radiation which exhibits the effects of magnetic fields. This has ushered in a new era to explore one of the last unexplored features of the Universe. In this talk, we will set sail on a riveting journey to seek answers as to how these cosmic magnets originated, when did they first come into existence and most significantly, how have they survived through to this day.



    CREST CAMPUS, Hosakote:

    School students from 5 schools around Hoskote are invited.

    The programme at CREST as follows:

    1. Brief introduction about the Institute and demonstration of operation of 2m HCT through video link.

    2. Live CCTV shots from MGK Menon lab will be shown.

    3. Drawing, essay writing and quiz competition for the school students.


    Drawing, essay writing and quiz competition for the school students.


    Drawing, essay writing and quiz competition for the school students .



    Date: 26th December 2019 at IIA Campus, Bengaluru.


    Time: The eclipse starts by approx. 8.06 am to 9.29 ( Maximum) and end by 11.11 am.


    (click below link for free registration for the event):

    All the registered members are invited and accepted. Hence, do not wait for any reply mail.

    Solar Eclipse goggles also available at the event venue for the min. cost.


    As we know, The Eclipse Starts from 8.09 am and Peaks at 9.26 am and Ends by 11.11 am

    1. Observing through coelostat Projection

    (If it is cloudy or real time observations, both ways scientific talks will be there by the experts)

    2. Video Session and Scientific talk by IIA Scientists.

    SOLAR ECLIPSE PUBLIC OUTREACH EVENT's arrangement setup is also done at FIELD STATIONS:



    IISF-2019 Precursor programme AT IIA, BENGALURU during October 2019


    Public Lecture on the National Science Day (February 28, 2019) at IIA

    Kindly register yourself to attend the lecture.

    Public Lecture on "The search for Extra-Terrestrial UNintelligence" at IIA

    Kindly contact the convener Prof. Sujan Sengupta (sujan[At] to know the latest info on the program.

    Screening of documentary film "SATYENDRA NATH BOSE"

    Venue : Auditorium (Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Koramangala, Bangalore 560034)          Time : 11:00 AM (October 12, 2018)

    The documentary film "SATYENDRA NATH BOSE' as directed by Mrs. Shila Datta shall be screened at Indian institute of Astrophysics (Bangalore) auditorium on October 12, 2018 at 11:00 AM on the occasion of 125th birth anniversary of eminent scientist S.N. Bose. Kindly register yourself here to watch the movie.

    About the film Director
    Mrs. Shila Datta is an empaneled film director and producer for Films Division,NFDC (Govt. of India), Ex Film Censor Board Member, Jury Member of Indian Panorama, Selection Committee member- Films Division for International Film Festival. She has made lots of documentary films like "Cellular Jail", "Matangini Hazra", 'Human Trafficking", "Dome", "Chamar", "Archemedis", "Cleanliness is the Life", "Satyendra Nath Bose", "Breast Feeding" etc. She had received the Best Documentary Award for 'Human Trafficking" in 2016 and received the Best documentary Award for "Satyendra Nath Bose" in 2017.

    India International Science Festival (IISF 2018)

    IIA public outreach committee is going to organize a one day outreach program on September 15, 2018 at IIA as a precursor event to India International Science Festival (IISF-2018; which will be conducted at Lucknow during October 5 – 8, 2018). In this program, teachers from local Government schools are invited in order to introduce IISF programs to school teachers. They will also be given training to explain the basic science / Astronomy experiments to their students in a simple way.

    Program : IISF-2018 outreach event at IIA on September 15, 2018

    Time Description
    Forenoon Session
    09:00 AM - 09:10 AM Inaugural address by Director, IIA
    09:10 AM - 09:30 AM Introduction to IISF 2018 programs by Dr. C. Kathiravan and Mr. P. U. Kamath, IIA
    09:30 AM - 09:50 AM Talk by Prof. P. R. Vishwanath, former faculty member, IIA
    09:50 AM - 10:00 AM Refreshments
    10:00 AM - 10:20 AM Talk by Prof. Prajval Shastri, faculty member, IIA
    10:20 AM - 10:40 AM Talk by Dr. Shylaja, former Director, JN Planetarium
    10:40 AM - 11:00 AM Talk by Mr. Ramaswamy, Teacher, Govt. School, Tumkur
    11:00 AM - 01:00 PM Hands-on session 1
    01:00 PM - 02:00 PM Lunch
    Afternoon Session
    02:00 PM - 04:00 PM Hands-on session 2
    04:00 PM - 04:20 PM Refreshments
    04:20 PM - 04:40 PM Feedback, Distribution of mementos and certificates by Dean, IIA
    06:45 PM - 08:30 PM Evening sky-watch

    For further details on IISF 2018 and downloading the event posters, brochures, etc., kindly visit IISF 2018 official webpage.