International Projects

International Projects

  • Co-PI and Chair of the Science working group of the Coronagraph instrument for Aditya Mission
  • Aditya will be the First dedicated solar satellite (proposed to be launched by ISRO around 2020) for studying the atmosphere of Sun. This will be a Visible emission line space coronagraph capable of taking images close to the sun (from 1.1 solar radii) at very high cadence (one image every second). It will also have a multi-slit spectro polarimeter capable of making polarimetric observations in the corona.

  • Co-I of the SUIT instrument for Aditya Mission
  • SUIT is a full disk NUV imaging instrument to be own with Aditya.

  • Project Co-ordinator for the National Large Solar Telescope (NLST) project
  • This project is in the nal approval stage. The plan is for a 2-m class ground based facility, at Merak, Ladakh. The site has been allotted to IIA for the establsihmnet of the NLST

  • P.I. of Kodaikanal Digitization program
  • We have 100 years of synoptic data in several wavelengths as observed from the Kodaikanal Solar observatory. We have digitized this data and archived in the IIA data centre. I have been involved in the archiving process, calibration and now we are working with the calibrated data from this archive. This data has been made available to the public through a portal hosted at

  • Co-I of Polarimeter to UNify the Corona and Heliosphere (PUNCH) project
  • In response to the 2016 Heliophysics Explorer Announcement of Opportunity by NASA the project is now in Phase A.

  • Associate Editor of the international Journal Solar Physics (up to 2015)