When we wake up on the morning of June 6, 2012, an event of cosmic significance would be underway without any ado. We have made special arrangement for the public to view the TOV in IIA on 6th June, 06:00 - 10:00 hrs . In one of its rarest occurrences, the planet Venus would be seen transiting the face of Sun for the last time during this century. The silent unfolding of the event will not have any impact in our daily lives except for the knowledge and certainty of the fact that from our vantage point (i.e. Earth) it would be the last chance for the living humanity to observe Venus gliding across the solar disc. Arguably, none of us would be alive and kicking to witness this rare appearance next time around when it occurs in the year 2117. Therefore, let's not miss this unique opportunity.

If the morning sky is favorable, then you should be able to see the planet Venus -the Roman goddess of love and beauty, gracefully cruising across the blazed face of the Sun. So join us in this endeavour to celebrate and make this momentous event a great success and a memorable legacy for the posterity.

Click here to see a brief presentation on Transit of Venus.

Date and Time: 6th June, 2012 Morning 6:00 AM

Indian Institute of Astrophysics,
Koramangala 2nd Block
Local transit time in Bangalore

A simple web-based interface to know the local transit times and trajectory of the Venus.