IIA In-House Scientific Meeting April 17, 2009

Scientific Programme:

Session I Solar Physics
09:30-09:55 G. R. Gupta
Waves in polar coronal holes and its role in the acceleration of the fast solar wind.
09:55-10:20 B. Ravindra Inferring the magnetic foot point velocity by combining the minimum energy fit with the local correlation tracking and doppler velocity.
10:20-10:45 J. Javaraiah A high-significance prediction for the amplitude of solar cycle 24
Coffee Break
Session II Stars and Galaxies
11:15-11:40 C. Muthu Dust properties of high galactic latitude cloud towards HD21021
11:40-12:05 F. Sutaria What can we learn from multiwave band studies of quiescent LMXBs?
12:05-12:30 C.S. Stalin X-ray and optical flux and spectral variability in AGN
12:30-12:55 P. Shastri Investigation of the launching sites of jets from super- massive black-holes
Lunch Break
Session III Astrophysical Theory and Fundamental Physics
14:00-14:25 A. Mangalam Black Hole spin down and cosmic evolution of radio galaxies and quasars
14:25-14:50 H. S. Nataraj Search for New Physics through non-accelerator table-top experiments
Session IV Astronomical Instrumentation
14:50-15:10 P. Anbazhagan /
K. Ravi
Autoguider for VBT Echelle spectrograph
15:10-15:25 G. Srinivasulu Hardware aspects of polarimeter
15:25-15:45 S. Nagabhushana Design and analysis of UVIT structure
15:45-16:05 K.C.Thulasidharan Warm telescope control system and fabry-perot etalon ET-50 testing at Kodaikanal Tunnel Telescope
Group Photograph / High Tea
Concluding Session
16:40-16:45 S. S. Hasan Presentation of awards
16:45-17:30 C. Sivaram Decades of communicating science at all levels
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