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Sl.No First Name Last Name Affiliation Title
1 Guilherme Monteiro UFMG / MPS PENCIL-EULAG Coupling
2 Alberto Roper Pol APC. Université Paris Cité. CNRS The gravitational wave signal from primordial magnetic fields in the Pulsar Timing Array frequency band
3 Vartika Pandey University of Graz The PC GUI visualization tool and new additions to pc_get_quantity.
4 Nitin Yadav KU Leuven 3D MHD wave propagation near a coronal null point: New wave mode decomposition approach
5 Dhrubaditya MITRA NORDITA Charged particles in MHD
6 Jennifer Schober Schober.Jen@gmail.com Chiral dynamos without initial chiral imbalance
7 Axel Brandenburg Nordita, Stockholm Selected code updates since 2021
8 Philippe-A. Bourdin University of Graz Magnetic field topology in the solar corona
9 Vindya Vashishth Indian Institute of Technology (BHU), Varanasi Hysteresis of the large-scale dynamo in presence of the small-scale dynamo
10 Sahel Dey Indian Institute of Astrophysics & Indian Institute of Science A new mechanism of Spinning Solar Spicules from MHD Simulations
11 Samriddhi Sankar Maity Indian Institute of Astrophysics and Indian Institute of Science Simulation of solar coronal mass ejections due to twisted flux rope emergence
12 P Vemareddy Indian Institute of Astrophysics Data-driven MHD simulations of the solar active regions: Magneto-friction approach
13 Simon Candelaresi University of Glasgow Numerical wave damping in the Pencil Code
14 Hongzhe Zhou Nordita Correlation times of velocity and kinetic helicity fluctuations in rotating or shearing turbulence
15 Joern Warnecke Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research Large-scale and Small-scale dynamos interacting in high resolution global convective dynamo simulations
16 Frederick Gent Aalto University Interactions between large and small scale dynamos in the ISM
Indian Institute of Astrophysics, II Block, Koramangala, Bengaluru 560 034, India

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