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First Name * : raj
Last Name * : kumar
Affiliation * : kumaun university nainital
Abstract Type * : Poster
Title * : CMEs and SEPs associated with Solar Flares during Solar Cycle 21-24
Author(s) * : Raj Kumar, Ramesh Chandra, Bimal Pande, Seema Pande
Abstract Session * : Solar flares and coronal mass ejections
Abstract * : To understand the space weather, it is necessary to study different solar activity features (e.g., solar energetic particle (SEP) events, coronal mass ejections(CMEs) etc.) with their associated phenomena. We present here the study of SEP events associated with solar Flares during solar cycle 21-24. Characteristics of CMEs with different parameters (SEP intensity, GOES X-ray flux etc.) are also discussed. For our current work, we have taken the data from different instruments onboard SOHO satellite. We found that when we move from eastern solar hemisphere to western solar limb, the dominancy (of SEP events) increases continuously. About 31% and 69% of the SEPs were originated from the eastern and western solar hemisphere respectively. The average CME speed and width were 1238 kms-1 and 2530 respectively.