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First Name * : Gregal
Last Name * : Vissers
Affiliation * : Institute for Solar Physics, Stockholm University
Abstract Type * : Invited
Title * : Of bombs and bursts: understanding the signatures of lower-atmosphere magnetic field reconfiguration
Author(s) * : Gregal Vissers
Abstract Session * : Thermal and magnetic coupling through the atmosphere
Abstract * : Ultraviolet bursts and Ellerman bombs are transient brightenings that are ubiquitously observed in the lower atmospheres of active and emerging flux regions. As they represent the heating signatures of magnetic reconnection at likely different heights, they are excellent tracers of reconfiguring magnetic fields and their occurrence and dynamics can therefore tell us something about the evolution of their host active regions. I will present our current understanding of these phenomena, primarily from an observational perspective, including their observational signatures and characteristics, how they connect to compact brightenings in the UV continua at 1600Å and 1700Å, as well as their relation to microflares, and what multi-species non-LTE inversions reveal about their temperature and velocity structure. I will also address their role in the overall evolution of the active regions they occur in and discuss their potential use as additional flare-predictive parameters.