FOUNDER'S DAY EVENT - 2021 (Tuesday, 10 August 2021)

Founder's day Lecture

Dr. Archana Sharma , Principal Scientist, CERN, Geneva, Switzerland


Title : Mega Science: the engine of the 21st Century
Date and Time : Tuesday, 10 August 2021, 11 AM
Abstract : In the twenty-first century, we have unprecedentedly advanced in science and technology. Our scientific indulgence and contemporary heritage is growing at an accelerated pace. Gigantic mega science and technological developments leave immense impact on societies and countries. Thus making science and scientists more authoritative in their conduct. As we speak, we have the power to define the course of nation’s fate and its policies based on scientific progress and engagement. It also makes us, the scientific community, more responsible. Globally connected post-national world necessitates us to charter our path towards a sustainable planet, requiring a safe space for free flow of thought, and most importantly enhancement of international scientific partnership and public engagement. Major collaborative efforts, are thus becoming a norm towards augmenting scientific expertise towards the global UN sustained development goals. In this talk I explore the social function of the 21st century scientific advancement and the power it draws from several channels. I take the CERN model of scientific diplomacy as a case study to build an argument for the course of mega science development and how this knowledge would help make our country and this world healthy, kind, and a safe place for humanity.


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