Mechanical Engineering Workshop

The Institute has mechanical engineering workshops at its headquarters in Bangalore, Vainu Bappu Observatory, Kodaikanal Observatory, Indian Astronomical Observatory and the CREST campus.

These workshops have contributed to developmental and maintenance works specialized to our needs over the years significantly.These are well equipped for precision work of various kinds. Lathes which can turn upto about 500mm diameter jobs and upto about 1m length are available. In addition, precision milling machine, surface grinding machine, radial drilling machine, rolling and fabrication facility are also available. The workshops are also equipped with an appropriate inspection facility to ensure required dimensional and geometrical tolerances.

Precision instrumentation work which requires very close supervision and co-ordination such as cameras are undertaken in these workshops. Development of components for astronomical instruments which require iterative work for conducting tests are also taken up at the workshops.

Some recent works carried out at the workshops include the manufacture of CCD dewars, camera for the HCT at IAO, coelostats for solar astronomy- specifically for solar eclipses and the Antartica expedition etc.

Last updated on: February 20, 2024