Sivarani Thirupathi ( 1995 to 2000 )
Professor, Indian Institute of astrophysics, Bangalore
Post Ph.D Tenures :
  1. Post-doctoral fellow at University de Montpellier-II
  2. Post-doctoral fellow at The Observatory di Trieste, Italy

Testimonials : I got my Ph.D. degree in April 2000. A post-doctoral fellow at University de Montpellier-II between 2001-2002 and the Observatory di Trieste, Italy, from 2002 to 2003. I returned to India for about a year with my newborn twins. I spent 2003-2004 at IUCAA, Pune as a visiting associate. Between 2003-2004, I was a research associate at Michigan State University and 2008-2009 at the University of Florida. I joined IIA as a reader in 2009. My main research interests are Galactic archeology, instrumentation, and exoplanet studies. For more details, Please contact