B.Eswar Reddy ( 1990 to 1996 )
Dean, Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Bangalore, KA, India
Post Ph.D Tenures :
  1. 2003-present: Faculty at IIA
  2. 1999- 2003: Univ. of Texas, Austin
  3. 1997-99: PDF Valparaiso University

Thesis Details : Studies of Post-AGB Stars and Proto-planetary Nebulae with M. Parthasarathy as guide.

Testimonials : I was one of the first PhD students taken via the IIA nationwide exam in 1990. Completed my doctoral degree in 1996 with Prof. Parthasarathy as my mentor on studies of evolved stars - Post-AGB stars. Later I had two stints of PDFs, one at Valparaiso University, USA ( 2 years) and another at the University of Texas, Austin (4 years). It is in Austin where I could expand my interest to Galactic Chemical evolution, Li in red giants and Stars with planets. In 2003, moved back to IIA, since then, I have been here. I have always enjoyed doing research at IIA. The egalitarian environment at IIA is conducive to opportunities to grow as an individual and find ways for success in one's career. For more about me, you may look at "https://www.iiap.res.in/?q=ereddy" or send a message via email: bachamr@gmail.com.

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